A guy has left wine buffs smacking their lips with his unique and imaginative wine cellar built into a staircase.

Life has many little joys, and wine is one of them.

There’s nothing quite refreshing than a glass of wine. And many of us enjoy indulging in this boozy treat after a long day of work, or when relaxing with our friends.

Wine is one of the Most Popular Alcoholic Beverages

This alcoholic beverage is often seen as a sophisticated drink that pair very well with good quality and expensive foods.

Perhaps let’s not mention the infamous “wine hangover” that comes after drinking a little too much of the stuff.

Wine Comes from Many Different Parts of the World

These regions include the South of France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Argentina, and here in the United States.

Australia, as well, is the home to some of the most beautiful vineyards.

And the scorching summer temperatures make for a whole range of wine varieties that are simply to die for.

Aussies are ‘huge fans’ of wine, and many homes come equipped with their own wine cellars.

However, Not All Australian Homes Come with Convenient Wine Cellars

And one passionate wine lover from Australia has turned his staircase into an incredible wine cellar!

Murray Berrill, of Bendigo, Victoria, has transformed a simple staircase into a beautiful wine storage unit capable of holding 156 bottles.

From First Glance, the Stairs Look like a Set of Gorgeous Decorated Steps

But they’re so much more. They’re actually secret wine cellars.

And just like magic, the stairs pull open, revealing drawers that hold precious bottles of wine.

Amazingly, the Boozy Work of Art Took a Week and a Half to Complete

This one of a kind wine cellar has neat drawers slotted smoothly into the wooden steps.

The wine cellar is also well insulated and has a thermometer installed to keep track of the temperature. So, the drawers can ensure the wine doesn’t cook in the summer months.

Murray’s creation is an absolute masterpiece that certainly puts any of my half-finished, bored-at-home craft projects to shame.

Speaking about his project, Murray explained:

“I hate dead space when renovating a house, as you’re essentially paying for nothing. So we thought of putting the wine in drawers in the staircase rather than behind it.”

“The drawers are wide width and are very strong – we spent around $500 (£250) at Bunnings just on the drawers alone.”

“We had to work out how all the bottles were going to fit and make sure the entire design was strong enough.”

Of Course, the Wine Cellar Is Going Down a Treat on Social Media

Commenting on the staircase cellar, one Facebook user said:

“Impressive work, you are obviously a very skilled tradesman. More than one headache in there.”