You can love Christmas and hate the idea of spending hours on decorating a Christmas tree.

Perhaps you’re lazy, or you have better things to do. No one should feel pressured into making the best looking tree, especially when there’s such thing as a half-Christmas tree.

It literally half of the job, yet it can look just as effective.

It is really one half of a tree

There are more reasons to get half tree than just your laziness.

It’s less time consuming, you need fewer ornaments, and you can be just as creative.

The half-Christmas tree is also ideal for those who want to save some space, whether in their living room, hallway, or office.

half-christmas trees exist for people who hate decorating the back

Sure, it doesn’t look like much when it’s naked, but once you do some work, it will be just as festive as the whole tree. Perhaps even more.

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It cleans up nicely

The naked half-tree is not admirable view. But, once you put on some lights, and ornaments, add gifts in front of it, it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas.

half-christmas trees exist for people who hate decorating the back

The only thing you’ll be skipping is the back of the Christmas tree. And let’s be honest here: no one cares about that side anyhow.

Unless you have a huge living room, or you’re in a White House, you don’t need a massive tree. All you need is the better half of it, and in no time, you will have yourself a very merry Christmas.

half-christmas trees exist for people who hate decorating the back

And here’s some news we know you weren’t expecting!

You don’t even have to decorate. The white-light and colored-light versions are both available for 249.95 dollars. Each one stands 78 inches tall, and 43 inches wide.

So, it’s not cheap, but you can make it yourself from an old tree, to make your favourite room look bigger and cozier.

It’s already taking over social media

Pubs, restaurants, even malls, as well as fancy homes, are embracing the half-Christmas tree.

Additionally, your pets won’t be tempted to attack the tree, and if they do, there won’t be any falling down.

And here’s how to place it in a restaurant, to make it look festive, yet not as if Santa felt nauseous.

There’s nothing wrong with a normal tree, but if you’re tired of it, or you do need that space, go for the half-Christmas tree.

Besides, if you have a half-Christmas tree, you can buy less presents, and still be your family’s hero. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.