Hardcore fans of Harry Potter are baffled after discovering a deleted scene “reappearing” in the Goblet of Fire.

Do you consider yourself a diehard Harry Potter fan? We’d forgive you for thinking you know everything about Hogwart’s secrets.

A woman named Kristina has stumbled across what we can only assume is a deleted scene containing Hoggy Warty Hogwarts song.

For those who are already confused, the never-been-seen footage ‘reappeared’ in the fourth movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Kristina was minding her own business, re-watching the Harry Potter film. All of a sudden, the Hogwarts students, including Harry, Ron and Hermione get up in the Great Hall singing the bizarre tune.

The scene reappears just after students from the other magical schools arrive at Hogwarts for the tournament.

Before the students sit down to enjoy a legendary feast, each school puts on a performance.

Viktor Krum and his classmates throw fire and the Beauxbatons’ schoolgirls perform a dance.

Then, Dumbledore encourages his students to entertain their guests, too.

And immediately Hogwart’s students start singing, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts song, which features some rather odd lyrics.

One lyric says, ‘whether we be old and bald or young with scabby knees.’ Another says, ‘for now they’re bare and full of hair, dead flies and bits of fluff.’

However, none of the students look thrilled to be singing the song. For instance, Draco Malfoy who’d rather be anywhere else at that moment.

This particular scene is pretty memorable stuff. That’s why it’s has caused such a stir online after so many diehard fans had no memory of it.

Kristina filmed the scene on her phone and shared it to TikTok, writing:

“Is this a deleted scene, or am I going senile?”

She captioned the post, adding:

“I was thrown for a loop when this happened it’s a little cringe ngl.”

Despite watching the film ‘several times, she said, “I don’t remember this at all.

Kristina isn’t alone.

Her post has racked up more than 69,000 likes and thousands of comments, as everyone else seems equally baffled.

One person comments:

“I have seen these movies front to back since I was 8 so many times and I’VE NEVER SEEN THIS.”

Another adds:

“Yeah 100% a deleted scene they put back in lol!”

While this person asks:

“So wait, the other school showed their badassery and Hogwarts did karaoke to their own fight song?”

Well, we definitely learned something from this scene. It seems Hogwarts still has some secrets for us to uncover even after all these years!