Winter comes every year. And yet, the number one concern people have when winter arrives is how to stay warm throughout the season. Not that people have not tried to come up with ways to stay warm and enjoy the winter more in the past.

As a matter of fact, we have seen some pretty brilliant innovations over the years, including cute beanies and adorable mittens. The list keeps growing over time, and now, you can add dragon scale gloves to this list.

Take my word for it — as soon as you see these dragon scale gloves, you will want a pair in all the colors they have to offer. Yes, they are that adorable and irresistible.

It is the work of one crocheting fan by the name of Kristine.

She  got into knitting and crocheting through her mother’s influence when  she was young. Sure, she later attended an art school. But eventually,  she ended up being a typical stay-at-home mom, until she wasn’t.

After  a while she decided that she would let her mom’s ideas about crocheted  artworks come to life, and she wanted to share them with the world. With these amazing dragon scale gloves, she has managed to achieve this and  more.

Kristine admits that colors and textures inspire her, and  she likes to combine these two properties in varying degrees in her  works. This is evident in the products she has made.

The end  results are spectacular, at least as far as these crocheted dragon scale  gloves are concerned. It’s only through a careful use of texture and  color that she has made the gloves look like real dragon scales.

She  has also created gloves with lots of color combinations, and that gives  potential buyers a lot of options as they shop for these uniquely  designed crocheted gloves.

Her work is just incredible, and the  level of detail is impeccable. This quality is what makes these gloves  truly amazing to own, in addition to the fact that you will look pretty  good in them.

The color combinations are so diverse, which is why  there will be definitely a pair of these gloves you cannot pass up on.  But it will be hard not to admire any pair of dragon gloves that you see  considering the meticulous detail and the brilliant results she managed  to achieve with her work.

To top it off, you will look so great  in these gloves, you might even wish winter lasts a little longer this  time so that you can wear them more.

Although a pair goes for  between $40 and $50, you can also get patterns for $6 and make a pair of  these great gloves yourself. A lot of people have picked this option.

Besides, buying the patterns gives you more color options to work with.

Whatever  you decide is the best way to own these adorable winter accessories, be  sure to let your friends know about them. That will probably a surprise  they will love and remember for some time to come.

And if I may ask, what color combination of crocheted dragon gloves will you be wearing this winter?