While many of you—both male and female— would cower in safe spaces to protect themselves from attacks, this young female IDF Captain has been decorated with the country’s highest honor, the ‘Medal of Valor,’ for her leadership and bravery in the face of an ambush by nearly two dozen terrorists.

Captain Or Ben-Yehuda of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has cemented a legacy that’ll endure past her lifetime.

The young, highly decorated IDF Captain was in charge of a company of soldiers when they were violently attacked by nearly two dozen terrorists near the Egyptian border.

While stationed at the Sinai border, which separates Israel from Egypt, a report came that 3 suspicious vehicles were heading towards the Israeli border.

And Captain Or Ben-Yehuda and her driver went to investigate.

Upon getting to the location, the terrorist began unloading from the vehicles.

In total, 23 gunmen quickly took their planned out positions and, without warning, began firing on the two lone soldiers.

The two soldiers found themselves taking fire from 3 separate locations and were both immediately hit.

Despite sustaining a gunshot wound on her upper body, Captain Ben-Yehuda went directly to the aid of her driver, who was shot through the arm.

When the brave woman got to her wounded teammate, she began administering first-aid while still firing back on the 23 terrorists.

And she did all of this while calling in backup and fighting the pain from her own bullet wounds.

Backup, in the form of several vehicles full of IDF soldiers, arrived at the scene, and the wounded Captain commanded the responding soldiers and positioned her men to effectively fight back the terrorists.

At this point, it was obvious the soldiers were going to push back the terrorists, and medical personnel wanted to evacuate Captain Ben-Yehuda to treat her gunshot wounds.

However, she refused to leave the battlefield until the fighting was done.

For her bravely (along with a heroic Medic named Yuri Zuyev), Captain Or Ben-Yehuda was awarded Israel’s top honor, the “Medal of Valor.”

After she recovered from her gunshot wounds, a special awards ceremony was held, but she was kept in the dark about one detail.

Officials secretly brought her mother in to present the award.

At the same ceremony, her mother was also honored for coming to the aid of grieving families who lost loved ones in the line of duty.

The mother had also served in the Israel Defense Forces, becoming a decorated Officer for her service.