A horrifying video is doing rounds on the web. It shows a hunter that creeps up on a sleeping lion before killing it. The hunter sneaks up on the sleeping cat before taking aim and shooting it.

The “trophy hunter” then watches the lion die in agony before the video cuts to a group of people celebrating the successful kill.

The video did not offer any information on those involved or where the video was from. However, there is a man who can be heard calling another “Mr. Gooney.”

The group went on to share the video on social media, saying that the hunter was very brave and ‘sporting’ to sneak up on a sleeping lion to kill it as he did.

This is a truly unwelcome perspective in a world where the African lion is projected to have disappeared off the continent in about 30 years.

But the hunting party seemed to think this deadline means that time is running out for trophy hunters who want to add a lion to their sickening list of hunting achievements.

At the moment, the lion is categorized as ‘vulnerable’ and it is considered a threatened species. Due to hunting and poaching, many animals are on the brink of extinction today, and although efforts are being made to stop these harmful trends, it appears to be a losing battle for the conservationists.

Every lion lost through hunting and poaching is a huge blow.

About a century ago, it is estimated that the lion population exceeded 200,000. That was quite a strong number. But today, only less than 23,000 lions are left. That is why experts estimate that you will be lucky to see a lion by the year 2050.

And if these kinds of actions keep on taking place, then there is a high likelihood that this is precisely what is going to happen.

Even the online community felt that the actions these hunters took were heartless and inconsiderate.

Some Twitter users claimed that the actions were disgusting and that it was an utter display of the lack of humanity that is currently plaguing our world.

Others questioned the legality of the actions the hunters took, even if we were to forget for a moment the inhumanity of shooting a sleeping animal and destroying our planet in the process.

Still, others wondered what pleasure was to be found in killing animals for no meaningful purpose. This particular individual claimed that a world where going around killing things just for the heck of it was permissible was headed in the wrong direction.

Given this barrage of comments, it should hardly come as a surprise that many were curious to know the identity of the hunters shown in the video so that they could publicly shame them.

Many are at a loss to understand why this pointless killing is still going on in a world that is struggling to ensure that many popular animal species do not go extinct, including lions.

Hunting is not a ‘sport’ as many of these hunters think, and the animals are not ‘trophies’ that should be shot and dragged home as accomplishments. These are endangered animals that need our attention and care in order to avoid extinction.