A Scottish lawmaker has seen his social media presence soar after his cat photobombed his Zoom meeting.

One thing to love about Zoom meetings is the hilarious interruptions that happen every once in a while. This often happens to people living with kids or pets — as many try to work from home.

And the latest to be joining the league of people who’ve experience interruption by their pets during a video conference is Scottish lawmaker, John Nicolson.

MP Nicolson was in the middle of a virtual meeting for the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee. The group was discussing the future of public broadcasting.

Suddenly, Rojo Walked in front of the Camera and Waved His Tail across the Screen

As Nicolson tried to carry on speaking, his cat, Rojo, jumped in front of the camera, waving its tail.

As a result, Rojo’s tail blocked Nicolson’s view, and people could only see a small white ginger tail.

The lawmaker told his colleagues, as Rojo casually walked in front of the camera:

“I apologize for my cat’s tail.”

The others in the virtual meeting started to laugh while Nicolson tried to keep his composure as his cat stole the spotlight.

The laughter continued when the cat seemingly refused to step out of the view of the camera.

To the amusement of his colleagues, Nicolson then told his ginger furry friend:

“Rojo, put your tail down, please.”

The cat eventually let humans continue with their virtual meeting.

The Video Almost Instantly Went Viral

As one would expect, the clip went viral in no time. And the lawmaker was thrilled about Rojo’s newfound fame.

Following the viral meeting, Nicolson couldn’t help but boast about his cat’s newfound international fame.

Posting a photo of the Rojo, he tweeted:

“For all Rojo’s new fans (thousands across the world it seems) – you’ve seen the tail. Here’s the face.”

How Did People Online React?

While many online users commented upon the incident’s hilarity, some also lauded the MP for his composed behavior.

A person said:

“Excellent. Well handled by the cool @MrJohnNicolson (Ps: try hanging a duvet/heavy curtains behind your monitor to make the sound less echoey.)”

Another person reacted to how funny the incident was, writing:

“I’ve heard of cats doing “zoomies,” but this is a whole other level of brilliant feline fiendishness.”

Although Nicolson apologized for the cat, the other committee members embraced the intruder, saying, ‘welcome Cat.’