Turns out, we’ve been living a lie all this time, and those ruined friendships were destroyed for nothing!

This one debate was quite common among UNO players: could you end UNO card game using an Action card or not.

Well, the matter has finally been put to rest, and it has turned the tables upside down. UNO officials have confirmed that one can end the game using the action card.

There’s a probability that once in a lifetime, you might have wanted to end the UNO card game or finish the game by taking out Draw 2 cards. You may also have wanted to use a variation of colors or Draw 4 cards to win over your opponent.

But people often argued that these moves weren’t allowed and one player couldn’t walk such a path.

For starters, playing these cards is typically meant to screw up your opponent’s game-plan. For instance, when the Draw Cards and Wild Cards are played, they’d force your opponent to pick cards based on the numbers displayed or sometimes the color.

These moves can be thwarted through the Skip and Reverse cards. But it wasn’t clear whether you could finish the game with Action cards.

What was even more confusing, up until now, was that there was nowhere explicitly mentioned in UNO’s rule book about ending the game with Action cards. Neither was it listed online.

So, players would end up arguing for something they had no clue of. And during these debates, tempers were often found to be lost over, or sometimes friendships jeopardized.

But finally, the over 48-year-old debate has come to an end.

In this digital era, who needs a rule book when you can directly confirm anything from UNO through Twitter?

This was the reply on the Official UNO twitter account to solve this long-standing problem:

“Hi Samitha! You can end on an action card, however, you can only play one card per turn.”

On the tweet thread, UNO officials added:

“Yes, you can end the game with an action card. If it is, however, a Draw Two or Wild Draw Four card, the next player must draw the 2 or 4 cards, respectively. These cards are counted when the points are totaled.”

They also confirmed you can actually end the game with the Draw 2 or Draw 4 cards.

This means a player can draw out an Action card to finish the game. But this isn’t as simple as it sounds. There’s an issue you should keep in mind — you can only discard one Action card per turn.

This news has solved a massive problem for the UNO game players.