The standard teabag has not changed for many years. This Japanese company has taken the tea world by storm with it’s adorable and creative teabags that come to life in your cup. The brand Ocean Teabag has teamed up with an oddity shop as well as a bookstore, Village Vanguard, to create a series of animal-themed teabags.

So if you, like many others, crave a hot cup of tea at the end of a long day, keep an eye out for these teabags with a twist!

The Collection

These original tea bags include jellyfish, octopus, isopods and even a few land animals such as tanuki.

Once added to the cup, the tea bags make it look like a creature is swimming in your tea.

Tea bags cost 1,820 yen which is around $16. The company started 3 years ago and their first design was a dolphin tea bag that later grew into more unique designs.

The squid-shaped tea bag is filled with black Pu’er tea that was inspired by squid ink and it also has a sweet persimmon flavour added as well. Meanwhile, the octopus tea bag is filled with Keemun tea.

Even though the octopus and squid-shaped tea are the most popular amongst buyers, there are also other adorable options such as a penguin-shaped tea bag that is filled with Chamomile tea.

When it comes to the tea tradition, the records state that tea was first served in Japan by Emperor Shomu in the year 729 during a very special Buddhist ceremony.

Tea has always been associated with Japanese nobility and was regarded as a type of medicine. However, after the tea ceremony was invented at the end of the 16th century, tea eventually became something drunk by both nobles and commoners alike. In 1859, tea finally became something to be used every single day and not only on rare occasions.

Tea in Japan is massively consumed due to its health benefits. Unfortunately, Japanese tea production is at an all-time low, meaning the next time you want to have a taste of delicious Japanese tea, you might just have to travel to the Land of the Rising Sun.