August 27 would be a sad day for all who knew and loved Jessi Combs. The professional racer lost her life in a horrific accident, as described by her partner.

She was co-hosting “Xtreme 4×4” on Spike, and she is also popular for her appearance on Mythbusters. Jessi Combs also appeared in the ‘The List: 1001 Car Things To Do Before You Die.’

But this is hardly the first time she has had a brush with death. In 2007, she was part of another serious tragedy. During the horrifying incident, Jessi got trapped in a machine that apparently ‘folded her in two.’

That was just as horrifying as it sounds, but she survived the horror with a fractured spine.

In fact, she did not even have to spend any time on a wheelchair. Instead, her career went on unaffected. She recovered fully and pursued an adrenaline-filled career in racing, metal fabricating, building, and industrial artistry.

She also built quite a presence in the television industry.

When this final incident happened, she was in the process of opening her own metal fabrication shop. Unfortunately, that never came to be.

But on her website, she had painted a clear picture of what she was trying to create: “A place where bad ass hot rods, motorcycles, custom trucks, race vehicles, and anything metal will originate with a feminine touch.”

So, it was not just her passion for fabrication that drove her, but a desire to give women a chance to become part of the male-dominated industries that had defined her career.

In her own words, this would be a place where “chicks can finally have a place to get dirty, be creative, use their skills, explore talents, go fast, and have fun in a comfortable working environment.”

It’s worth noting that this was not a recent passion.

In fact, she had got into a partnership with Lincoln Electronic, which would create welding gear specifically meant for women. She had seen firsthand that most of the gear in existence could not fit her properly.

Consequently, she considered this dream to be part of her mission.

She wanted the world to know that women are capable of many things in a shop.

But as fate would have it, she lost her life in an attempt to break her own land speed record.

The news was shared on Twitter in memory of her life and accomplishments. In a touching tribute, her partner shared the following words.

“I have never loved or been loved by anyone as much as this amazing woman,” her partner said. “she was truly my unicorn and I enjoyed every single minute that I had with her.”

“She was the most amazing spirit that I have ever or will ever know.”

Her partner also admitted that he was among the first people to the scene of the and that they “did everything humanly possible to save her.”

He also promised to help keep her legacy alive, and that a foundation would be set up to accept donations that will make her dreams a reality.

Various other celebrities have responded to the news with touching tributes.