If crispy skin is your favorite part of a fried chicken, KFC is officially selling the dream bag of chicken skin.

Many people often joked about wanting to eat the skin off of a fried chicken. But now, this KFC is making that dream a reality, in some parts of the world.

KFC is surprising its customers in many ways. They prepare greasy chicken, fried chicken, and the coleslaw which looks like it has been scooped from the inside of a shampoo bottle.

When you visit a KFC chain, you’ll always find a reason to come back in the Colonel time.  This restaurant is making some mighty delicious chicken skins that no one can resist a bite.

Cartman has proved that in South Park Season Nine, the coating of a fried chicken is enough to turn friends into enemies, as well as make fellow diners drown with jealousy.

The one thing that makes KFC’s chicken stand out and conquer the global chicken industry is the recipe the company use.

At the chain, they apply a combination of satisfying crunch and an indefatigable blend of eleven secret herbs in their species. As a result, their fried chicken skin is so delicious.

In the past, the only way chicken-skinheads would get their hand on the delicious bites of the chicken has been through the conduit of thigh and breast.

But still, picky skin lovers would get frustrated because the meat and the coating are joined and they had to tear them apart to enjoy their favorite part, which is hardly an inconvenience.

Now, it seems like our beloved KFC food chain has decided to give people what they want.

Multiple reports have confirmed that KFC has begun selling crispy fried chicken skin at select locations. And according to a social media platform of the company, the new product consists of “salt and pepper” seasoned skin pieces.

Through a Tweeter post, it has been revealed that the chicken skin menu will be available in six locations across Indonesia, including MT Haryono, Salemba, Cideng, Kemang, Kalimalang, and Kelapa Gading.

Though it might seem disappointing for KFC patrons in the US and the UK, we hope the chain will make the new product available in more locations.

According to the INSIDER, KFC representative reported that the company is not currently planning to bring chicken skin to the US.

However, the spokesperson said that the “company’s global food innovation teams look at both external trends and blockbuster products from other markets” to determine its menu items in global locations.

The representative added:

“It could show up elsewhere in the future.”

So far, fried chicken skin has attracted multiple positive reviews from Indonesian chicken fans.

One Twitter user wrote:

“It tastes spicy savory. It’s different to what you’d expect as it’s not the same as normal chicken skin, but the first bite is good.”

“It’s really crisp and crunchy! I’ll definitely order again as a snack.”

However, some fans have been reported to claim that the skin is “too salty.”