Kopparberg has made a strawberry and lime pink gin. That’s certainly new for this popular company, and it got our attention.

For those who have never heard of this brand, there are some facts you should know about it. First of all, it’s a Swedish company. As for the reason this new drink is unique, you should know that this company focuses on ciders, and it has some of the most popular drinks of this sort you can find in the market at the moment.

As a matter of fact, Kopparberg is the second-ranking fruity ciders brand in the UK among women. Among men, it holds the twelfth position, which is still pretty good.

Actually, indications are that this latter section of the market might have something to do with the drink it has just introduced.

With this new beverage, you will get a unique blend that creates a taste of London-style gin and strawberry as well as lime flavor. This has easily won the hearts of many gin lovers around throughout the country.

It was available on the market from 6th of May at 700 Greene King pubs in the UK. The launch was announced in the Sun.

But obviously, the gin has higher ABV content than ciders, which have a 4% alcohol content. This gin has 37.5% ABV.

According to Rob Salvesen, the head of marketing at Kopparberg, the company is quite excited with the new drink, which is meant to introduce a new premium gin in the UK market.

The company is famous for its legendary good flavors, and Salvesen said that they had “worked hard to create a pink gin in the iconic Kopperberg flavor of strawberry and lime.” This flavor, he said, is something the nation loves.

The marketing head went on to say that the company was looking forward to seeing “pink gin fans across the country spend many sunsets making memories with friends this summer with a glass of Kopperberg Premium Gin.”

Based on the company’s solid history of making popular and lovable drinks, it would be unthinkable to expect any less.

The company already has a huge following among cider lovers in the country, thanks to its amazing drinks with their premium flavors. With this legacy evident in each of the company’s products, the same great taste should be reasonably expected of the drink this summer.

SO, gin lovers all across the country definitely have something to look forward to this summer.

The drink’s packaging and the color are just as memorable as many other products by the company.