Adopting a pet is a responsible decision that can change a dog’s life and your own. But for some people who are not dog lovers may be wondering how this can be true. I’m here to convince you otherwise.

For a household to become a complete home, there should be a pet, either a cat or dog, in it. This is because most of the time, you’ll find yourself getting irritated or frustrated by your day to day activities.

And it’s pretty damn hard to calm down or settle your mind in the presence of your family members, especially if the person who hurt you is within.

This is where a dog friend comes in.

Sharing your grief and sorrows with your beloved puppy is easy because they will listen to you with love, and in the end, you’ll quickly calm down.

In fact, spending time with your dog will make you more humble, caring, and loving and even make you ready to forgive those who hurt you.

Dogs are good and faithful lovers, and they can teach everyone how to care and love, and when to love. That’s why most of your friends who own dogs are so friendly, sensitive, caring and lovable.

When you adopt a dog, your house will transform from a dull, quiet and boring house to a warm, lively place everyone would want to live in. Your home will have lots of happenings, and at times when you’re lost in your stressful thoughts, you’ll be disturbed by bark or a sudden leap on your coach,

So, it’s nearly impossible to feel lonely or unloved if you own a puppy. Your dog will always be there even when you least expect.

You’ll also be able to have new friends who are crazy about dogs as much as you do, and you will realize how quickly your life changed with the arrival of your new loyal friend.

Moscow based artist Bird Born knows better the power of welcoming a pet in your home and watching him grow to an adorable member of your family.

Bird Born and his newly adopted dog managed to go through fire and water, and he now understands each ripped pillow is worth the endless love his dog gives him.

He tells us a story of how a dog transformed the life of his family, and this illustration depicts his experience with the dog.

Scroll down to see how a dog can instantly change your life for the better.