A new series of puzzles will put your mind to the test and keep you busy during the coronavirus lockdown.

As we all get stuck at home, many people are looking for creative ways to entertain themselves during the coronavirus lockdown.

And just in time when boredom has got the best of us, a furniture reupholstery company called Plumbs, has created a series of baffling brainteasers to challenge your mind and keep you occupied during this trying time.

From missing USB sticks to hidden takeout chopsticks, these quarantine-themed puzzles will put your brain to the test.

Can You Spot the Dog among the Video Callers in this Lockdown-Themed Brainteaser?

Video chatting is becoming an increasingly popular way of keeping in touch with others as people work from home and hang out with friends on Zoom calls.

In the above creative video call puzzle, there’s one caller that might not belong. Try and spot the pooch that’s disguised as a person.

But we’re glad it’s not an actual work call, as it would be pretty hectic if you had so many people in a single chat.

In this Puzzle, There’s a Pair of Chopsticks Hiding in the Takeout Food. Can You Find Them?

As bars and restaurants close across the country, food delivery service has become even more popular. 

Remember a strip club in Oregon that’s now offering food delivery services—the stripers are doing the deliveries, while not wearing much?

Try finding the eating utensils in this puzzle. The chopsticks are standing up inside the container, making it difficult to spot them.

It’s Easy to Lose a Remote at Home, But Can You Spot the Missing Remote in This Puzzle?

Many people are now spending much of their isolation time in front of the TV, watching Netflix and Hulu.

The remote is hidden behind some pillows. You might have missed it as it blends in with the gray couch.

Find the Hidden USB Stick in the Makeshift Home Office

Working from home is becoming a reality for a large portion of the office-based workforce these days. And a makeshift home office can get quite messy.

Try spotting the USB stick in this puzzle.

Can You Find the Cleaning Gloves Hidden in These Spring Flowers?

As the weather gets warmer, many people will start spring cleaning while at home. Here’s a puzzle that combines spring and cleaning to tease your brain.

Can you spot the Crayon Hidden in the Floral Wallpaper?

As kids stay home from school, they may find ways to entertain themselves. Try to find the crayon before your toddlers do!

Here’s a clue, the crayon is made to look like a vine of one of the flowers.