A crafty husband makes an ultimate gesture of love by building an entire miniature “coop town” for his wife’s chickens.

When Colleen Thermos’ wife wanted a new chicken coop for her hens, Thermos didn’t disappoint.

Instead of just building a typical, run of the mill chicken coop, Thermos decided to create an entire town for the chickens.

Taking to Facebook, Thermos shared photos of the meticulously detailed and impressively constructed ‘Coop Town.’ And frankly, I’m not sure which part I like the most.

It’s all incredible!

The Crafty Husband Thought of Everything

The mini ‘coop town’ consists of different buildings for the chickens to hang out in.

From a traditional red barn called Livery Stables to a feeding station known as Rooster’s Ridge, this tiny chicken town is breathtaking.

The “Rooster’s Ridge” water tower supplies water for all of the chickens in the ‘coop town.’

There’s also a hotel and café.

The old Western-style business fronts are well-constructed with strong attention to detail. You can tell how much time Thermos spent on building these structures.

There’s Even a Jail

Every town needs a jail for those chickens that are not behaving! And those naughty hens who just can’t follow the municipality’s rules.

The jail comes complete with a “wanted” sign plus a painting of a chicken in the window behind bars.

And what’s an Old Western Town without a Blacksmith

This is possibly the coolest chicken coop ‘town,’ we’ve ever seen.

The Project Must Have Taken so Much Time and Effort

While many people would have their chickens stay in standard coops, this husband decided to put his creativity into action.

He put so much effort into building many structures with such intense details, creating an inspiring coop town. For instance, this Saloon:

These sure are some lucky chickens. I bet they love it!

You Too Can Build a Chicken Coop Town for Your Hens

Calling all flock keepers and backyard chicken enthusiasts, prepare for your next DIY project and build a ‘Coop Town.’

There are numerous tutorials online on how to build a coop for your chicken.

A chicken’ coop town’ is a home for your hens. Somewhere to keep chickens, safe from predators, warm during winter, dry during rain and a safe place to lay eggs.

While building a ‘coop town,’ ensure all coops have sufficient space for your hens.

Also, build them on dry ground, with good drainage and in a sunny place covered by shade. These shelters should provide efficient airflow to enable ventilation.