Airline bans man from flights for refusing to wear a face mask.

As airlines step up enforcement of mandatory mask requirements, American Airlines has banned a passenger for refusing to wear a face covering.

Earlier, the airline had deplaned Straka at LaGuardia Airport for not wearing a mask.

The airlines has now banned Brandon Straka from all its flights. He’ll now have to find another airline for his travels.

A spokesman for American said the airline decided to temporarily ban the man after reviewing the incident.

The airline told Daily News in an emailed statement:

“American Airlines thoroughly reviewed an incident on June 17 involving one of our customers, Brandon Straka.”

“As a result of this review, Mr. Straka will not be permitted to fly American. He failed to comply with our stated policy and crewmember instructions.”

Straka Was on a Flight from LaGuardia to Dallas

However, he refused to wear a face mask when a flight attendant asked him to.

According to reports, Straka told the attendant he didn’t have a mask and didn’t want to wear one.

He also told the crew members it wasn’t actually a law to have to wear one.

While Straka argued with the staff member, one passenger started filming the incident.

And after Straka refused to comply with the instructions, the crew asked him to deplane.

Later, Straka, a conservative activist, posted about the situation on social media, writing:

“I was just removed from my flight for not wearing a mask. 1st time this has happened. Not a federal law. @AmericanAir staff standing over me telling me it’s THE LAW.”

“So much for ‘please respect those who cannot wear a mask.’

According to Federal Law, Wearing Face Masks on Planes Isn’t Mandatory

But airlines have instituted their own mask requirements for crew and passengers.

And several major US carriers, such as American Airlines, have pledged to take a harder line on enforcing their policies.

American Airlines told The News:

“We are committed to protecting the safety and well-being of our customers and team members. [That’s] why we strengthened enforcement of our policy for required face coverings on board.”

“We expect customers who choose to fly with us to comply with these policies. And if necessary, we will deny future travel for customers who refuse to do so. Restricting travel is a step we take very seriously…”