Gen’s wild, yet adorable facial expression will definitely brighten your day.

Many things bring us joy in life, but there’s something about dogs that fills a special place in our hearts! Especially when they do silly or unexpected things.

We’ve just found a pup who just wants to bring you smiles and laughter!

Here’s Gen, a corgi from Japan who has quite the Instagram following. In fact, he has over 150K followers.


Like most Corgis, Gen got a long tail, which makes him stand out.

On top of that, he makes the most adorable facial impressions, something many people have noticed. That’s why he’s such a legit internet celebrity.

According to Gen’s owner:

“Like most corgis, he’s active, playful, and clever. Unlike most corgis, his incredibly expressive face has earned him a huge online following.”


I think most of us can relate to this happy little pup! Just look at his excited, hungry eyes!

Too bad he’s probably not going to get a bite of this meal. And I’m not going to be the one to tell him though…

Gen is obviously a good boy. He’s witty, happy and very sociable.

He loves going on walks with his owner, and he’s always happy to tag along to the park.


Of course, he also loves meeting new people and puppies. And his bubbly, cheerful personality makes him a crowd favorite.


Doesn’t he look like he just shared a really corny joke and is waiting for people to laugh? I love his cuteness and his quirky little doggy grin, complete with his tongue sticking out.

His personality and good looks aren’t the only things that make him unique.


Gen was born with a hereditary chronic renal condition. So he spends a lot of time at the clinic for dialysis.

He also gets multiple injections and has to take up to six medications regularly. Also, Gen gets seizures every now and then.

According to his owner, there’s no cure for his condition and will possibly not live long like other dogs.

Even so, his owner loves him so much.

Although it costs lots of money and time to take care of him, his owner thinks it’s worth having such an adorable pup.


Just look at that confident swagger! He may be a little quirky or tiny bit dopey, but he’s living his best life. He doesn’t care about his condition or what anyone says.

Besides, I think we can all agree, his quirks and dopey faces make us love him even more!