If you have a little girl, I am guessing you think you have the most beautiful girl in the world. And based on how much you love the child, the bias is understandable.

But after seeing this beautiful Nigerian girl, you will find it hard to disagree with the claim that she is the most beautiful girl in the world.

After photographer Mofe Bamuyiwai posted the girl’s beautiful images online, the reaction from online uses was fantastic. People could not say enough things about the girl’s breathtaking and captivating beauty.

Three posts have already gotten her 70,000 likes. Never mind that Bamuyiwai explains in her post that the girl, Jare, is not a professional model.

All she wanted was the world to see the potential in the girl.

We can all agree that the girl is certainly photogenic, and the photographer was quick to explain that the trait runs in her family as her 7 and 10-year-old sisters are just as memorable on camera.

Jare made fantastic poses, and she did a great job or making the shots amazing and memorable.

The photographer set out to make great photos of kids that were nothing like normal. Jare offered her this great opportunity, and she used the chance to capture a child who demonstrated the interception between childhood and adulthood. And you can see from the photographs that Jare is a truly unforgettable young lady.

The photographer did not want to make her smile or laugh. She wanted the girl in her natural moments so that you could see through their eyes.

In one of the posts of the girl, the photographer says that Jare is bold and beautiful.

And she would like the girl to look into the photo and have it speak to her when she finally grows up and becomes an adult.

Her own childhood experience helped give her the inspiration to photograph the girl. She recalls admiring her mother’s shoes and clothes and looking forward to being a woman to have her own, not aware what of the huge penalty she would have to pay for this dream.

While taking the photos, her realization that the girl was so coordinated was all the proof she needed that all little girls harbor dreams of being grown women someday.

Anyway, Bamuyiwai thinks every child is beautiful in their own unique way, and that they should be told so whenever the chance arises.

Jare has a bright future ahead of her as far as being photographed goes, according to her photographer. And looking at her photos, it is hard to disagree.

The photographer thinks her work helps to demonstrate her thoughts with greater eloquence than words would.

With this particular set of photographs, her intention was to show the inner woman in the little girl. She clearly achieved this goal as the internet is abuzz with comments and discussions about how incredibly beautiful this girl is.

But the great photography skills aside, there is no denying that this girl is a real beauty. Her beautiful confident eyes draw you to her, and you can see the confidence that makes her such a charmer.