michigan iphone repairman busts cheating husband on tiktok

Husband’s attempt to cover-up his cheating backfires big time and goes viral.

Nearly everyone has gone through some extreme lengths to get themselves out of a potentially bad situation.

And most of the time, it involves lying—’big’ lies that take careful consideration and planning.

Sometimes, the cover-up even includes a bribe to ensure the other person keeps their mouth shut.

And This iPhone Repairman in Michigan Has Seen It All

michigan iphone repairman busts cheating husband on tiktok

Taking to TikTok, the technician shared a video revealing a shocking note he found inside a phone cover a couple had left for repair.

The repairman says:

“So this customer and his wife came in earlier, and they gave me his phone to fix.”

“I was like ‘all right, give me an hour, I’ll finish it for you.'”

“Anyway, I came in the back, I opened it up, and this is what I found inside.”

The customer had left a surprise note for the technician to ensure his phone is ‘unfixable.’

It Turns Out the Husband Had Been Unfaithful and Was Trying to Cover His Tracks

The unnamed man even slipped the repairman a $100 bill to ensure he keeps his mouth shut.

The note read:

“Please tell my wife the phone is unfixable.”

“She wants to check the phone history. $100 dollars is yours, thanks.”

The technician captioned the video ‘unbelievable. Can’t believe he did that.’

michigan iphone repairman busts cheating husband on tiktok

Unsure what to do, the technician uploaded the note onto TikTok asking for advice.

Needless to Say, the Clip Quickly Went Viral

It garnered with more than two million views and thousands of comments.

While many TikTokers suggested he keep the money and tell the wife about the note, some disagreed.

One netizen said:

“Keep the hundred and respect the bro code.”

While someone else said:

“What is wrong with people saying you should tell her? Please don’t tell her and keep the 100 save his marriage.”

But one person responded:

“Someone commented, ‘take the $100 and save his marriage?'”

“Why would you want this woman to go on believing her Husband is being faithful when he is not? How is that saving a marriage?”

michigan iphone repairman busts cheating husband on tiktok

The technician later revealed he had fixed the phone. And when the wife came in, he was honest with her about what he found and made it clear that he didn’t want any involvement in the situation.

One person commended the technician, saying:

“You’re a great man. Nobody deserves to be cheated on.”

“She’s mad because she loves him.”

Another said:

“Whatever feels right feels right for you…”

“Not all relationships work. But having the courage to face it, deal with it, is a person with integrity.”