A Muslim woman accuses Target of discrimination after a barista at an in-store Starbucks allegedly wrote “ISIS” on her cup — instead of her name.

The 19-year-old, Aishah, filed charges against the Target-managed Starbucks.

Aishah, from Minneapolis, said she was visiting Starbucks inside Target store in St. Paul with her friend.

While ordering a drink, the employee didn’t wait for her to finish saying her name.

Instead, the barista wrote something on the cup then hid it from her view.

And when Aishah received the beverage, the employee had written ‘ISIS’ on the side of the cup.

ISIS is an Acronym for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

The young woman told reporters:

“When I first received the drink, I was in shock that in [this] day and age, something like this could be written.”

Speaking at a press conference, Aishah said she was wearing a hijab at the time she placed her order. The hijab clearly identified her as a Muslim woman

When Aisha asked the barista why they wrote the words, they reportedly said they didn’t hear her name correctly.

Aishah also summoned the manager who allegedly backed the employee up. They claimed the incident was a ‘mistake.’

She told TODAY:

“I asked her why she wrote this on my cup, and I proceeded to ask for a manager.”

“The manager looked at the cup and looked at me and said, ‘What is the issue? People get their name spelled wrong all the time.'”

After the incident, the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) filed charges to the Minnesota Department of Human Rights.

CAIR-MN Called for Firing of the Employees Responsible For the Alleged Discrimination

Jaylani Hussein, the CAIR-MN’s executive director, said:

“Unfortunately, with Islamophobia, the number one thing Muslims are… discriminatorily identified [as] is terrorists.”

Using this word for us would be the same as [calling] a black man today the N-word.”

Hussein added:

“This is not a simple mistake.”

“No one puts, you know, the “KKK” on the cup of somebody’s drink.”

Target later apologized for the incident in a statement, writing:

“At Target, we want everyone who shops with us to feel welcomed, valued and respected. We strictly prohibit discrimination and harassment in any form.”

“We are very sorry for this guest’s experience at our store and immediately apologized to her.”

“We’re taking appropriate actions with the team member, including additional training, to ensure this does not occur again.”