To help make social-distancing from your pals a little easier, you can now play Cards Against Humanity game online, so just because you can’t physically meet your mates doesn’t mean you can’t force them to endure your awful sense of humor online.

As everyone comes to terms with the new self-isolation rules, people are turning to online pub quizzes, bingo events and Netflix streaming parties to keep social while socially distancing.

And now, there’s a popular online game called Cards Against Humanity that’s keeping everyone entertained, healing lockdown blues.

This game, which really brings out the worst in people, can be played on Playingcards.ioio and is fairly simple to set up.

Just create your own virtual room via a link and share it with your pals, where everyone can view the game in real-time and join in.

To make the online game feel even more like a regular night in with your friends, you can set up a video chat, enabling you to chitchat with your friend while playing.

As the game’s official site points out, it’s “as despicable and awkward as you and your friends,” and it’s a great way of getting a slightly uncomfortable insight into your loved one’s heads.

While you can play the game off your phone, you should do it off a laptop or desktop at first because it can be a bit difficult to navigate at first.

And the rules are the same as the IRL version of the game—a question card is pulled, everyone looks at their hand and chooses the best answer before the judge picks the winner.

To start, each player drags their five white cards to the bottom of the screen, where cards can be looked at privately (this is your hand and be sure to replenish it each round unless you’re judging).

Then, just as in real life, one player draws a black card, while the other players choose one of their white cards to answer with.

The judging player will then move the winning white card to the slot next to the question card. Then everyone can pick a new white card and let the next round begin.

As a refresher, the white cards contain nouns that you probably wouldn’t want to discuss at the dinner table.

And when paired with the black cards, which also contain inappropriate words, it really makes for some wild games. This game opens your eyes to which of your friends have super dirty minds.