It’s incredible being a mother and how motherhood changes your intuition. Your well-being will no longer come first, and your child’s safety will become a priority.

Here’s a story of a true hero who lost her life to save her daughter from a fire tragedy. Shelby Ann Carter, 21-year-old from Wyoming, Illinois, lived with her boyfriend in her mother’s place. They had just begun building their family life.

The couple welcomed their first child, named Keana Davis, in January 2017, and Shelby was so thrilled to become a mother.

However, just the way the future isn’t promised, on January 30th, the worst possible tragedy happened a few days after the birth of the child.

Shelby was with her newborn daughter at home when their house suddenly caught fire.

In a few seconds, the whole house was filled with smoke and frames, leaving Shelby and her daughter nowhere to escape.

The smoke became too much for Shelby, who was just recovering from childbirth. She died due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

When the firefighter crew arrived, they managed to put off the fire, but Shelby had already lost her life. But they were surprised because the baby wasn’t with her.

However, while they were looking around the house, they were amazed by something that proved that a mother will do anything to save the life of her helpless child, even if it means sacrificing her life for the baby.

Shelby had managed to strap her daughter in a carseat. She then dropped the baby from the second-floor window, to save the baby’s life.

When the firefighters found the baby on top of the debris, they rushed her to the hospital, worrying that she was hurt. But the baby wasn’t injured.

Ed Foglesonger, Chief of the Wyoming-Speer Fire Protection District, described the incidence:

“It’s just incredible that she was able to pull her thoughts together to save her baby… I’d say it’s nothing short of a miracle the way it ended up.”

Shelby’s death was a painful blow to Wyoming residents, which is a small town with around 1,400 people, three-hours drive southwest of Chicago.

After the incidence, residents of Wyoming created a GoFundMe page to help rebuild the house and to take care of Shelby’s daughter. And in just one week, their $40,000 target was exceeded.

Shelby’s actions demonstrate the power of a mother’s love for her children. Though it’s a devastating loss and that the baby will never meet her mother, she’ll grow up proud of her.