Blogger faces “karma” as she tries to eat a live octopus on camera, but the sea creature turns the tables and nearly rips her face off.

A live-streaming host known as Seaside Girl Little Seven regularly posts videos of herself enjoying seafood. But this time, hoping to gain more popularity, she decided to try something bizarre (eating a live octopus)

While the footage went viral like a pirated version of Game of Thrones, it’s safe to say it wasn’t the attention she wanted.

Octopus is very intelligent.

We’ve been pocking these sea creatures with sticks, grilling them with slices of lemon and shutting them inside aquarium tanks. But did you ever consider how intelligent octopi are?

These creatures’ brains not only make them the world’s most intelligent invertebrates but also freaking smart as a golden retriever, according to some studies.

Considering each of their eight tentacles has a mind of its own, you’ve got a force to be reckoned with.

They are also so delicious

Whether having some deep-fried calamari rings or this monstrosity, where the sodium in soy sauce resurrects a dead creature, an octopus is a popular seafood choice throughout the world.

So, this blogger thought she could eat a live octopus, but was left horrified when the creature retaliated.

Seaside Girl Little Seven decided to share her experience with her followers. Instead of preparing a plate of calamari rings, she chose to eat the octopus alive.

How did it go?

Things went downhill pretty much fast.

At first, the woman put herself in arms away by showing the monstrous creature stuck on her face. The octopus then starts to stretch out its tentacles over the woman’s nose and eventually held tight to the skin around her lips, and the left eye, while fastened to her cheek.

This octopus clearly wasn’t ready to be a meal just yet.

As the woman pulled off each sucker, some appeared to reattach after they’ve been separated from her skin. And it looks so painful.’

The vlogger can even be heard calling the animal’s suction “painful” as she tries to remove it.

The areas where the creature clung most fiercely looked red and irritated and even tore the skin on her cheek.

When she is finally able to pry the octopus from her face, the blogger realizes it has left a bloody cut on her cheek.

“My face is disfigured,” she reportedly says as she stares into the camera, before informing viewers she’ll “eat it in the next video.”