When Clara was finally reunited with her kidnapped baby, it was an emotional moment for us all.

The video that documents that tear-jerking experience is part of a new TV show by the name Orangutan school. The show follows the life of orphaned orangutans that have finally been rescued. These adorable animals go on to receive appropriate care as part of their rehabilitation before they are released into the wild.

The kidnapped baby, surprisingly, was taken by a dominant male. The orangutan simply snatched the baby from her mother. Before then, the pair had been living in peace.

It took a week for both of them to be found after their sudden separation. It was then that they were rescued and reunited by an organization that caters to the needs of orangutans.

Still, the reunion was a coin-flip, as there was no telling how the mother and child would take the experience. After such a long separation, the reunion could have gone either way. The odds of Clara rejecting her daughter was very likely.

And apparently, there is nothing unusual about that. According to an expert on the matter, orangutans have been known to reject their babies if they don’t smell as they did when they were together previously.

In other cases, mothers can accept the babies but completely refuse to nurse them. None of these situations are ideal for such a young orangutan, and therefore, this reunion was a very tense moment for all involved, including the park staff.

With a lot of caution, the video shows the park workers reintroducing the two to each other. At first, Clara was allowed to touch her baby through the metal bars of her cage. The purpose was to see how she would react.

As luck would have it, Clara was quite welcoming, and it was clearly apparent that she recognized and even accepted her daughter. A happy ending was foreseeable.

A park worker described the orangutan mom as being glad at seeing her child again. The sight of her daughter seemed to bring her joy.

This was the green light they needed to let Clara have her baby. And so, they opened the cage and let her in. This moment was teary and joyful for everyone. And although this was a major accomplishment, the worst was no over.

The park staff needed to see Clara nurse the baby to know if she was all in. Some orangutan moms can let their children starve as they refuse to breastfeed them after separation.

But Clara wasted no time in confirming her full acceptance of her baby. To everyone’s delight, Clara was offering her baby some milk. With that, the reunion was considered a success.

However, in the greater scheme of things, this was just another step towards proper rehabilitation and the eventual return to life in the wild.

But the immediate focus for the park staff is to keep things as they are right now. They have to let the mother and the child enjoy quality time together. An emotional park worker told Clara, “It won’t happen again. She’s yours, Clara.”