This owner decided to tell his dog he brought a kitten from the shelter, and the canine’s reaction is priceless.

Have you ever wished your puppy could talk?

It’s no secret most dog owner regularly talk to their pets. After all, dogs are some our best and loyal friends.

But imagine a world where your beloved pup could respond when you talk to them and keep the conversation going.

Many would love to hear what’s going on inside their puppy’s head, and this owner is no different.

Of course, dogs can’t talk but can communicate with their owners through facial expressions, physical movements and a variety of interesting sounds.

But owners still can’t help but imagine what it’d be like it their dogs talked.

So, this dog owner made his dream come true in the funniest way possible. He filmed a video of his dog and made it look as though he was having an interesting conversation with his dog.

And the internet is glad he captured it, and it’s easy to understand why!

This puppy really wanted to have a cat in the home. He was really excited when his owner revealed he just got back from a trip to the pet store.

The owner relentlessly teased the dog, hovering over the pets’ topic but not really saying he got a cat.

As the owner starts listing the animals he saw at the pet shop, the pup gets excited. He’s a little impatient and urges the conversation along.

After listing crabs, guinea pigs, rats, mice, and a slew of other pets, the dog reacts, ‘Oh, come on!’

He even tries to get the owner say the words he so desperately wants to hear. He wants to hear those magic words, ‘I got a kitten.’

But the owner doesn’t cooperate. He even teases the dog even more.

Every time the pup gets excited, the man starts the list all over again.

Meanwhile, the dog keeps giving the most hilarious reactions, ‘pleading with the owner to get to the point.’

At last, the owner admits he bought a kitten. And the dog flat-out loses it! Leaping through the air, his excitement is hysterical.

Dogs and cats often don’t get along, but the puppy in this video clearly didn’t get that memo.

He wanted a kitten in the home more than anything else and was so excited when his wish came true.

This sweet pooch will surely make your day with his antics!