Parents criticize popular dolls after a cold water test reveals hidden ‘sexy’ lingerie.

One woman took to social media to share her disgust after discovering hidden outfits on kid’s LOL Surprise Dolls.

Since then, many people have also been trying the cold water test to see if their children’s toys reveal anything.

And many of them have been left in shock to discover tattoos and ‘sexy’ lingerie on them, among other hidden markings.

Viral Video Exposes Sexy Lingerie on LOL Surprise Dolls

Hilary Williams posted a video on Facebook to expose the truth about these popular dolls.

In the clip, the mom takes several naked LOL dolls and puts them in ice-cold water. Almost immediately, the dolls are sporting inappropriate outfits.

And the video, which has already accumulated more than 7.5 million views, has left everyone surprised.

Using the hashtag #SaveOurChildren, other parents shared similar shocking results on social media, branding the hidden outfits’ disgusting’ and ‘inappropriate.’

One woman said that when she placed a LOL doll in water, it came out sporting a sexualized outfit.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote:

“Dip your child’s LOL Surprise Doll in ice-cold water. You or your very young child will reveal a disgusting SURPRISE that will not make you ‘LOL,'”

“Not only will multiple dolls reveal sexy undergarments, but the dolls’ nipples also appear as if they are nipping from the water.”

Another mom’s test revealed her daughter’s LOL Surprise Doll had panda eyes and red thigh-high boots.

Other moms found bras, underwear, seashell bikini, thongs and tattoos on the dolls.

Sharing her disgust, one mom warned other parents:

“My [3-year-old’s] ‘LOL Surprise doll’ she got for Christmas. When you dip her in cold water, her ‘secret spy outfit’ shows up. Aka secret lingerie.”

“And for whatever reason, the nipples become extremely visible. The leopard print skimpy outfit she came with also makes her look like a hooker.”

Now you can imagine your little girl taking her dolls to the bathroom to clean them up, and then these outfits pop out. That would be a real surprise.

Social Media Users Expressed Their Disbelief and Outrage after Watching the Videos

One person wrote:

“Isn’t this just awful. Makes me sick to my stomach for our children.”

Another person said:

“Whattttt in the actual F did I buy for my kids?! Ehh & they are seriously their fav toys.”

While another added:

“Yes! Raunchy little dolls. Lol, my daughter loves them. Tramp stamps and all… a lot of them pee and spit too. Some change in warm water too… very disturbing.”

It’s Not the First Time MGA Entertainment Has Caused Controversy with Their Toys

Last year, parents also raised concerns over the brand’s ‘anatomically correct’ male LOL Dolls.

Some people complained that the genitals on the boy dolls are very realistic.