Georgia deputies beat up an unarmed black man ‘for not having his ID.’

Sheriff Deputies beat a black Lyft passenger in the Atlanta suburb of Clayton County because he didn’t show his ID.

Roderick Walker, 26, was arrested and beaten after Clayton County sheriff’s deputies pulled over the Lyft rideshare he was riding due to a broken taillight.

At the time, Walker was with his girlfriend, their 5-month-old child and his stepson.

The cops had asked the driver for his ID, but he did not have one. So, they asked the passengers to provide identification.

Walker then asked the officers why they had to show their IDs since they hadn’t done anything wrong.

The officers got upset with Walker for questioning them and pulled him out of the car.

They then beat Walker before arresting him

And a bystander captured the incident on video, which went viral on social media.

The footage shows two deputies on top of Walker, one of whom punches him on the face.

Walker then screams, saying:

“I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die. I can’t breathe!”

The officer continued beating Walker until he is laying motionless with blood seeping from his face.

A woman filming the scene tells the cops that Walker can’t breathe, begging them to get off of him.

She said:

“Get off of him. He says he can’t breathe, officer!”

Walker then appears to be unconscious as deputies struggle to handcuff him.

Another video of the incident showed the encounter from a wider angle.

In the video, a child in the car screamed ‘Daddy!’ in panic as the officer continued to beat Walker into the pavement.

A bystander says:

“This man is bleeding, and ya’ll won’t even let him f**kng breathe.”

The officers then roll Walker onto his stomach and place him in handcuffs.

Walker’s lawyer, Shean Williams, said Walker and his family had just returned a rental car and had a friend take them home.

That’s when a patrol car pulled over the driver for a broken tail light.

Williams added:

“They continued to beat this man in his face instead of protecting and serving, which they are required to do.”

After videos circulated on social media, Clayton County Sheriff’s Office fired one of the cops in question due to the use of excessive force during an arrest.

Sheriff Victor Hill said they became aware of the arrest video and asked Internal Affairs to open an investigation.