This brilliant artist ‘Disneyfies’ people’s pets into Disney characters.

Until recently, many of us didn’t know there was such a term as ‘Disneyfication.’

However, sociologists have been using it since 1959 to describe the commercial transformation of a society to resemble the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

And Dutch Illustrator, Isa Bredt, However, Has Given It Another Meaning

In Bredt’s vocabulary, ‘Disneyfication’ is a mode of transport. One that transforms pets into the animation world.

Through her project Pet Disneyfication, Bredt transforms people’s pet pictures into Disney style illustrations, and they’re spot on.

The facial features and the expressions of her creations look like the stars of the next Walt Disney movie!

Let’s Start With This Unusual but Beautiful Feline

Now, those eyes are gorgeous!

And here’s Bredt’s Disney version.

The resemblance is uncanny!

A Cat and Her Baby

There’s nothing cuter than a fluffy kitten

Adding a little bit of Disney magic…

A Puppy and Butterfly

This is a Disney movie waiting to happen!

And after ‘Dysneyfieing.’

That’s way too adorable.

Bredt Has Been In Love with Drawing Since She Was Very Young

However, she only started considering it as a career at the end of high school. And she decided to study illustration and animation.

But in her third year through the study, she ditched the program to pursue pet portrait work.

She told Bored Panda:

“Pet Disneyfication is something I did very sporadically in my free time for about 5 years. I started because I was and still am a big fan of both drawing animals and the old Disney style.”

And She’s in No Way a Disney Employee

She told the outlet:

“I am just a very big fan. The Lion King is my all-time favorite movie, I used to watch it daily as a child. I adore the old animal movies; Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, the Aristocats.”

Bredit started the pet Disneyfication on Reddit.

She explained:

“There was a subreddit where you could offer free art to people. I wanted to practice the Disney style, so I offered free drawings for people who would send me pictures of their pets.”

And Here Are Some of Her Popular Portraits

An angry-looking cat.

Bredt created the perfect Disney villain.

Cat and dog traveling the world with their owners.

The artist’s portrait…

This wonky-eyed cat is way too cute.

And in Bredit’s portrayal…

A pet in a wheelchair.

Here’s his cartoon form…

This good boy is beautifully photogenic.

Here’s his transformation.

Now, this pooch should be a model.

Bredt created a precious little girl for the owner.

Make sure to follow Bredt’s Instagram to see more of her adorable transformations.