IKEA sells mini beds for children’s toys, but people buy them for their cats.

The £13 ($15) DUKTIG doll bed is made from pine and intended for children’s play.

While these beds aren’t specifically made for pets, their miniature size fits cats perfectly.

Yes, These Beds Are Meant for Children’s Dolls, but Why Not Use Them for Cats, Too?

Cats aren’t fussy with their sleeping spots.

After all, as the well-known rhyme goes, ‘cats can sleep anywhere.’

Recently, a lockdown trend saw people take up crocheting to make little couches for their cats to sleep on.

And now it seems as though a new trend is emerging and cats are instead sleeping on tiny IKEA beds.

Although IKEA has a wide range of pet products, these beds aren’t actually beds for cats, though.

The beds are part of the children’s toy range DUKTIG and are actually made for dolls. But people are buying them for their adorable fluffy friends.

And the Trend is Spreading Across the World

People are taking to social media to share pictures of their pets tucked up all cozy in their new beds. And the photos are adorable.

These beds are initially sold with the intention of “[encouraging] make-believe play” for young children with their toys.

Pet lovers are using their imagination, ignoring all of that and letting their cats have them instead. Because the beds are cozy for pets too.

So if you fancy buying one for your cat, you can order this Doll’s bed off the IKEA website.

Cats aren’t the only animals enjoying this treat. Some pet rabbits and small dogs are also getting in on the action.

Take a look at some of the images from owners below:

Double Trouble

Ever seen anything so adorable?

Bunk Beds

Ginger Cubs

This little cat looks comfortable!

Cat Clan

This small clan of cuties is loving sharing their DUKTIG bed.

The Bottom Bunk

I think this guy is afraid of heights.

Bunk Buddies

Obviously, it’d be better for the ‘heavier’ pet to go on the bottom.

Best Friends for Life

So cute!


This guy wouldn’t dare share his new bed.

Sweet Dreams

I lied, this one is the cutest I have ever seen.


These cats are lucky to have matching covers and pillows!

Taking Turns

Who’s going to be the lucky person to have a nap on the bed next?

Wide Awake

This fluffy friend can’t seem to sleep.

Triple Threat

Someone’s not happy about having the middle bunk.

Who knew an idea made for kid’s dolls could be so perfect for our pets too?