Regardless of whether your furry friend enjoys it or not, some people can’t resist dressing up their beloved pets in sequins and wigs when October rolls around. The costume craze has become so prevalent, and it’s easy to find Halloween costumes for cats and even dogs online or in stores.

This year, PetSmart has introduced its latest Halloween pet’s costumes, and they’re for all our furry friends. Because, why should our pets be left out while we’re having all the fun?

These Cutest Halloween Costumes for Pets Really Amp Up the “Awwwwws!!!”

We thought we had seen it all, but as it turns out, we were wrong. PetSmart is making it fun and easy for our fur babies, of any species, to celebrate this year’s Halloween in an exciting way.

Yeah, I Know. My Heart Can’t Handle the Excitement Too

It’s taking nearly everything in me not to scream out loud, right now. We all love unicorns, and PetSmart is allowing you to turn your guinea pig into a cute little unicorn!

Scroll down for more adorable pics of pets in costumes, and try not to make guinea pig squeals in delight.

You can Even Turn Your Furry Friend into a Little Fierce Shark

Just imagine seeing your guinea pig running around with this adorable costume?

Look at This Little Sombrero Staring

Your guinea pig will definitely have a fiesta in this costume comes Halloween. It only needs some maracas, and its look will be breath-taking.

Your Guinea Pig Also Deserves to Live Its Mermaid Dreams!!

If we humans get to live our mermaid dreams, there’re an extensive collection of mermaid-themed makeup lines, so should our pets!

This guinea pig costume features a sequined fin, jeweled crown, and a bodice of sea sponge. WHO CARES, IT LOOKS CUTE!

For guinea pigs who’re not comfortable with their entire body being covered, there’s also a classic witch’s hat option.

While it’s a few weeks to October holiday, it’s never too early to start deciding on your Halloween costumes. Especially if you plan to match with your pet.

PetSmart’s guinea pig Halloween costumes are already available for purchase online. So, you can get your pet costume shopping out of the way early.

Almost all of the costumes are available at, and prices range from $4 to $7, depending on the costume type.

There are also classic costumes, such as a pumpkin and pineapple costume, made to fit your pet’s small, stubby body.

So, why not let your guinea pig get their favorite look now!