Meet Rosefinches, the little pink-colored birds that have a melodious voice and gorgeous plumage.

Watching birds is such a great pastime. It has even inspired many hobbies and career fields.

And all over the internet, people are talking about the gorgeous Rosefinches, which blossom like roses or pink lotus.

You can recognize these adorable birds by their red and pink plumage. Their melody is sweet and pleasing to the ears.

In fact, some bird and nature enthusiasts claim Rosefinches’ voices have a three-note whistling tune.

There are many varieties of rosefinches, and most of them feature a pink spectrum with numerous color combinations.

According to researchers, there between 25 and 30 species of rosefinch. And many of them differ from each other due to the colors of their feathers.

Take the Sinai rosefinch, for example. It’s so pink it looks like bubblegum. Others are less flamboyant and more subtle with their color scheme. But all of them are beautiful in their own way.

Check out some of the stunning pink rosefinches below:

Sinai Rosefinch

This small pale pink, long-tailed rosefinch resides in the Sinai Peninsula, which borders the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. The species often thrive in a desert climate.

Sinai rosefinch males have pinkish breasts, while females are brownish with white bellies.

Common Rosefinch

The common rosefinch is also known as the “scarlet rosefinch.” It primarily lives in Europe and Asian countries.

Females and juveniles have a dull coloration, while grown males are almost rosy-carmine in color with white bellies and dark wings.

Great Rosefinch

You’re more likely to find this rosefinch species in the Middle East.

These birds are large and round, and they live in temperate scrubland and tundra.

Females have a paler white coloring, while males have dark pink colorations.

Pink-Browed Rosefinch

This specie lives in the northern region of the Indian subcontinent.

It earns its name from the coloration on its brow. Instead of duller or white coloring, the pick-browned rosefinch boosts a darker pink color above its eyes.

Dark-Rumped Rosefinch

This bird has a dark underside to its tail, giving it a “dark rump,” just as its name suggests.

Their natural habitats are boreal forests and subtropical or tropical high-altitude scrubland. You can likely find these birds in India, China, Nepal and Myanmar.

Palla’s Rosefinch

If you find yourself in Russia, Mongolia or Japan, you might come across this rosefinch species. It’s stouter than the common rosefinch.

Adult males palla’s rosefinches are easy to identify by their silvery making on their heads.

Their coloring is more muted than some of their vibrant cousins: They look more of dusky roses in color than a red or brighter pink.