This adorable police dog sleeping throughout his entire swearing-in ceremony is the wholesome thing we all need.

Dogs are not only man’s best friends, but they’re also one of the most useful animals out there.

They’ve also proven to be the most loyal and trustworthy working colleagues.

And many work sectors use are now using dogs to their full advantage, the police force being one of them.

Training for Police Dogs is Tiring

Ever heard of the Monday blues? You know, that crummy feeling you have on a Monday, right after an exciting, activity-filled weekend?

Well, apparently, humans aren’t the only ones to experience it!

Brody, a 3-month old puppy, recently become Bristol Police Department’s new K-9 comfort dog. And he had a whole swearing-in ceremony and everything!

Unfortunately, the event happened on an early Monday morning, so you can guess how it all went.

Monday blues hit the little pup pretty hard—he slept heavily throughout the entire ceremony.

Even Dogs Agree Certain Ceremonies Can Be Snooze Fests at Times, Especially on Mondays

Brody’s swearing-in ceremony was live-streamed on Facebook. It included the ceremony itself, a thank-you speech by Brody’s on-duty partner, Officer Medeiros.

But the pooch slept throughout the entire thing. And it’s adorable beyond belief.

Not only did people find it super cute, but midway through the ceremony, Brody assumed a more comfy position on the table.

K9 Brody Swearing in Ceremony 4/6/2020

Posted by Bristol, R.I. Police Department on Monday, 6 April 2020

And managed to elicit a couple of chuckles around the room as well as among the viewers in the chat.

The police department had initially thought about taking on another narcotics or bomb-sniffing dog.

However, One of the Team Suggested a Therapy Dog Instead

Brody joined the police force in mid-March, and it seems he came at the perfect time. He has quickly helped alleviate the stress and anxieties during these uncertain times.

His handler, Officer Keith Medeiros, explains:

“People are really stressed, especially in law enforcement.”

“Just by walking in the police department with Brody, people immediately smile, they immediately get into a better place. They want to pet him, want to hug him and it’s just a really good thing.”

Little Brody is Still Young

Officer Medeiros added:

“He plays really hard and he sleeps really hard.”

“When he’s not playing, he’s sleeping, which is kind of tough because he sleeps a lot.”

All His Training Really Seems to Have Tired Him out

Now that’s one tired pooch!

Medeiros said:

“We put him down on the desk, and he was just so comfortable that he lay down and fell asleep.”