This kindhearted bus driver from Utah has been braiding the hair of a little girl whose mother died three years ago.

Acts of kindness can go a really long way. It was the benevolence of 47-year-old Tracy Dean, a bus driver for Alpine School District, which made Isabella Pieri truly shine with her perfectly braided hair.

When Isabella Pieri was Nine, she Lost Her Mom

There’s nothing more heartbreaking and devastating than losing a parent. It’s even harder if it’s your mother because you count on her for nearly everything.

And when she’s gone, you realize just how hard life can be and wonder how she made it all look so easy. The loss leaves you wondering if life will ever be the same again.

When 11-year-old Isabella lost her mother to rare brain illness, she was only nine.

But in a feat that can only be described as pure strength, Isabella picked herself up and began her journey of independence.

The Little Girl Managed to Get a Lot Done, Except Braiding Her Own Hair

She tried to seek assistance from her dad, Philip, who found it hard to manage her hair. For his part, he tried.

Philip said:

“She’d get mad at me for pulling her hair. I didn’t know how to do it.”

At One Point, He Got Her a Crew Cut to Make it Easier for Both of them

“I originally just gave her a crew cut because I didn’t know how, and it was all tangled, and I couldn’t get it out for anything.”

And When Her Hair Grew Back, Isabella Couldn’t Style It on Her Own

Tracy Dean, the sweetest school bus driver, noticed the Isabella was having trouble fixing her hair, and she decided to help.

Tracy shared:

“I can tell she was struggling with her hair.

“We usually do two French braids first, and once in a while, she just wants one braid. I also taught her how to brush her hair.”

“She’d get on the bus, and she’d say, ‘I brushed my hair. Does it look good?’

“I’ll say, ‘You did awesome.”

As a part of her morning routine, the kindhearted bus driver started styling and braiding Isabella’s hair.

The school driver added isn’t a big deal for her to help the little girl out because she actually enjoys it.

“It’s just the way my mom raised me, to be nice to everyone—people who need a little love in their life.”

Tracy and Isabella’s Story Quickly Went Viral When it was Shared Online

Their story has touched many people who have commended Tracy for stepping in and making a difference in the little girl’s life.