After a school discovered a threatening note in a bathroom, it took the most unexpected of measures by getting rid of all doors in bathroom stalls. The note made threats about a shooting, according to officials.

The note was found in a bathroom stall at Beardstown High School, and obviously, something had to be done about it.

However, the school thought the only logical step was to have all stall doors removed, a decision which is without a doubt unexpected.

Obviously, the drastic decision has engaged parents and students. To them, this represents a serious violation of their privacy.

After the unusual decision, some students have been forced to carry blankets to school from home in order to hang them on the stalls so that they can enjoy some privacy as they relieve themselves. This is to keep people from seeing them.

Others have had to go a step further and put their shoes just in front of the stalls to let other people know that there is someone inside. This should keep other students from walking into the bathrooms as they use them.

There was mounting pressure on the school administration to address the student’s privacy concerns after the school made the decision.

Following this, the district said that female students could now start using a private restroom found in the office of the school nurse.

In the meantime, according to Ron Gilbert, Beardstown Superintendent, the move has apparently helped put a stop to some the things that took place while students were using the bathrooms.

He went on to claim that safety was the priority, and that restrooms serve only one purpose, and that even though many were concerned, the school was not going to let anyone be in a position of potential harm.

According to him, only those who intend to spend a lot of time in bathrooms for what they are not meant for should be concerned about the new directive. Otherwise, everyone should be safer with these new measures in place.

Gilbert also claimed that the school was dealing with four different law enforcement agencies and that the institutions would also love for some normalcy, but it is not in a position to offer all the details at the moment.

Although the removal of bathroom doors is getting all the attention, the school has taken other precautions as well. For instance, the students are only allowed to enter the school and also exit through a single door. Students are also subjected to random searches during school events.

The security at the school is in high gear, and the school was even put under lockdown on March 22 after an incident, but it is not clear if this had anything to do with the note they found at the bathroom. However, there were officers from a number of agencies who responded before the lockdown was lifted afterward.

However, such incidents are not unusual. For instance, there is even an incident where a teacher was suspended for telling her students to tell their parents how cold the classrooms were. The teacher was later reinstated, although the president of the student’s union termed the suspension as ridiculous.