A guy who claims to be a ‘Jungle Boy’ has transformed his small apartment into a tropical indoor jungle.

Joe Bagley, a 20-year-old from Leicestershire in England, really loves plants.

With over 1,400 houseplants in his collection, nearly every square inch of his living space is full of them. And he spends hours watering the plants every day.

Check out a tour of his home jungle here:

His one-bedroom apartment is full of everything from cacti to succulents and other tropical plants. Some of the plants even live in the bathroom!

As you can see, his home is like a bona fide jungle. It looks incredible.

Joe says:

“I love it every morning when I wake up and walk around, it’s lovely. There’s not a single room without plants in, and every room is chockablock.”

Entering his apartment, you’ll find a plant placed on every bookshelf, the staircase, dining table and bedside cabinet.

He explains:

“There’s plants on the stairs, dinner table, my bedside cabinet. I’m always thinking of new places to put more.”

Joe works in a garden center and has spent his earnings amounting to over £3,5009 (around $4,375) on his plants. He also dedicates several hours daily to water the plants.

Sometimes he even wakes up in the middle of the night with a ‘sixth sense’ that his plants need some TLC.

Joe says:

“I have a sixth sense for knowing when something needs watering.

“I have even been known to wake up at 1am and think ‘hang on, one of my orchids needs watering.”

Despite his ever-growing greenery often making his home hard to navigate for visitors, Joe has no plans to stop adding more plants.

He explains:

“At one point, there were plants blocking the door and only I knew how to get past without knocking them over.”

“I’ve had to clear the doorways now and create a bit of a path so people can get around.”

Joe’s love for plants began in his childhood.

This was after his grandmother had gifted him with a cutting of her spider plant when he was 13.

And his fascination with plants began.

He revealed:

“I love the process of looking after them and watching them grow. I love having something that relies on me to look after it.”

“These plants would be dead if I wasn’t there to look after them.”

“People have started to see me like a plant hospital.

If a plant has died, people bring it to me and I revive it and give it back a few months later.”

With his vast breadth of knowledge of his leafy friends, he hopes to open up his dream business. A jungle café!