Soon after learning that his leukemia was terminal and his coronavirus test was positive, this kindhearted man told doctors to save their time and resources for other coronavirus patients. He died after telling doctors to “save someone else.”

Cancer is a cruel and devastating disease that’s claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands across the globe every year.

Now imagine contracting COVID-19 while having cancer?

Well, tragically, this was a reality for Liam Downing, a famous DJ, who succumbed to the virus after telling doctors to “save someone else’s life” instead.

Downing told doctors, given the vulnerability of people with underlying illnesses to this disease, and the intractability of his condition, he’d rather see resources go to someone who had a way out.

Thus, he opted to stop receiving medication, sacrificing the few months he might have had left, and told doctors to save the National Health Service money and use it elsewhere.

The brave young DJ, described as a ‘kindhearted’ by his family, died of the coronavirus a few days after his 30th birthday.

Downing had battled cancer for two years before coming down with apparent infection.

Fortunately, Liam, from Middleton, Leeds, England, was able to have one final send-off when his family was given special permission to visit his hospital room on his birthday.

Liam’s sister, Laura, paid tribute to her brave brother, who selflessly put the needs of other patients before his own life:

“We were told the devastating news that there was nothing more the doctors could do to try cure Liam’s cancer, to then be told on top of the devastating news he had tested positive for COVID-19.”

“This had a devastating impact on Liam and our family. Liam had to move wards and be isolated away from anyone he knew. He was also not allowed to see any of his family due to the risks of spreading the virus.”

“Liam [spoke] with the specialist about what his options were.”

Though devastated, Laura said the family understood where he was coming from.

She added:

“By the end of the conversation, Liam had made the brave decision not to have any more medication and to just be made as comfortable and given end of life care instead.”

“This came as a massive shock to all of our family and friends, but that was Liam’s wish.”

A GoFundMe, which has already raised more than £3,000, has been set to help pay for a burial plot, a headstone and flowers.

Laura wrote on the platform:

“He had fought the battle for as long as he could with leukemia and did not want to waste any more of the NHS money, and selflessly said: ‘Save someone else’s life with it.”

After Liam’s death, his sister wrote:

“Liam gave up his battle with leukemia and COVID-19, closing his eyes and leaving this Earth peacefully.”