The wife sends a photo to her husband, he spots something shocking and files for divorce.

A Marine husband file for divorce after examining a photo his wife sent him — he spotted a hand sticking out from under her bed.

The wife’s photo quickly went viral after her husband’s friends shared it on social media.

As a Solder, the Husband Was Always Busy and Away From Home

So, he asked one of his friends back home to visit his wife and take a photo of her for him. The husband was deployed overseas at the time.

But when the husband received the picture, he quickly noticed another person’s hand sticking out from underneath her wife’s bed.

It turns out, the wife had been cheating on him. And when the husband’s friend came to the house, she panicked, forcing her secret lover under the bed.

The Husband Then Filed for Divorce

The couple had been together for more than two years, and they would only meet on weekends.

Even though it was a temporary circumstance, they both knew it wasn’t their best option. And the husband wanted their situation to change.

So, the husband had decided to resign at the end of the month. By doing so, he would be with his wife much more often.

He was enthusiastic about the decision but had decided not to immediately tell his plans to the wife.

Since the weekend was approaching, he would surprise her with the big news then.

But this didn’t go as planned after he discovered his wife had been living a double life and had a secret lover.

Many Social Media Users Have Shamed the Wife for Being Unfaithful

Taking to Facebook, one person said:

“She has a guilty look on her face.”

“If you can’t see the hand, look from the woman’s elbow nearest the edge of the bed and go directly left.”

Another wrote:

“First of all, she was dead wrong. He should divorce her.”

“Second, the dude she was cheating with was stupid. Why did he leave his hand out? He should have tucked his hand under his chin.”

“Lastly, she looked busted and disgusted. So totally obvious that something was going on. She deserves everything she gets.”

While a third commenter said:

“Wow, he filed for divorce based only on seeing a hand?”

“Why would someone having a fling be so careless as to have a hand in plain view?”