The supermarket brings all sorts of people together in one place. And not everyone cares what others think of their shopping spree, they’re just living the life they want to lead.

Luckily, humor is everywhere, and supermarkets are the perfect places to get some laughs.

Shoppers in these hilarious supermarket pics thought they were just heading to pick up a few essentials in the store but ended up being the stars of the show.

Weekend Warrior

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After a stressful week at the office, you have no choice but to battle the weekend in style, with a patriotic beer tanker.

Fire, it’s party time!

The Pink Balloon Person

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I think this weekender had too much of Wonka’s fizzy lifting drink.

Bring Your Bathroom to Work Day

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You’ll never need to wait in line again to go to the bathroom if you bring yours everywhere you go.

It’s Hummer Time

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At least they stopped for pedestrians before they slammed into the Ped X-ing sign.

Smashing Deals

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This is the perfect way to beat the rush and get all the hot Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Ring around the Rosie

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That’s another way to get revenge on another road rage driver.

Working to the Bone

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It looks like this parking lot’s security guard has been working here for a very long time.

Road Trip

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Hey guys! It’s road trip time but only bring 30 bags of your personal belongings and a toothbrush.

Gone Fishing at the Mall

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It looks like this dude has good odds of catching something today.

Horsing around

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I’m wondering if you can really get a parking ticket for leaving your horse in the shopping cart return.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

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The Walmart Grand Prix is one of the most spectator sports in the world.

Superman Savings

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Is it a plane, is it a bird? Well, it’s Superman trying to save your shopping day!


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This super stretch Chevy Lumina can fit your entire family tree to go shopping.

We Come in Peace!

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It looks like the invasion has already begun across the country.

Tiny Arms T-Rex!

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If only their arms were a little longer, they’d be able to devour those $5 deals.

Undercover Russian Boss

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Who knew Vladimir Putin was a secret shopper at Walmart.

Gotta Have My Pops!

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Even as grownups, we can’t help ourselves to a bowl of cereal on a cheat day from our diets.

Grocery Yoga

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Life’s so hectic, you have to squeeze in a quick workout while you can.

Perfect Security

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This guy came in to pick up some groceries, but he might leave with a new security job too.

A New Look For Drew

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Drew Barrymore’s new cover girl makeup really does define your bold eyes.

How Long Has He Worked Here?

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It looks as though the store manager left Johnny Appleseed on the fruit section for a little too long.

Na Na Na Na Na Batman!

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Bruce Wayne fights crime at night as Batman and then shops at Walmart during the day like the rest of us.