Sometimes animals can truly amaze us with their actions of kindness. One man found a new furry friend in the most heartwarming way.

Recently, Andrew Falloon’s father was fresh out of surgery and was attempting to get some rest after coming home from the hospital. While sleeping on the couch, he was visited by an unexpected guest.

After his wife went out, leaving the door slightly ajar, Falloon was found sound asleep with a cat resting on him.

To everyone’s surprise, he doesn’t even own a cat.

While they still don’t know where the new furry friend came from, they’re glad it came at the right time.

Falloon shared the image of his sleeping dad and the mysterious cat napping together while holding each other on Twitter, and it didn’t take long before his post went viral.

According to Falloon’s tweet, his mother had left the door open. Eventually, the stranger cat managed to creep into the house to steal some snuggles from the sleeping patient.

Falloon said:

“Mum arrived home and found them cuddled up together on the couch. She snapped the photo before waking Dad up. He was pretty surprised to find the cat curled up!”

People on Twitter couldn’t stop tweeting about the adorable pair.

Needless to say, people were loving the story, and some claimed the parents had been visited by a “Travelling Therapy Cat.”

So, who’s this mystery cat, who somehow new the snoozing man needed some comfort? And where did he come from?

According to Falloon, the furry friend wonders around the neighborhood a lot, he said:

“He’s from somewhere in the neighborhood. It isn’t the first time he’s turned up to their house, but his first time he’s jumped up on Dad. Apparently, his name is Ziggy, and it’s quite common for him to go wandering.”

Falloon said that his parents haven’t had a cat for several years, because ironically, ‘Up until now my Dad hasn’t really been much of a cat person, but I guess he is now.’

But with the cat (named Ziggy) hanging around, it seems that there’s no need for a new pet. Falloon added:

“Ziggy seems to have adopted my Dad, so I’m not sure if they’ll get another cat. My parents are just happy to have him visit every so often.”

The family has been overwhelmed by the attention, and Falloon revealed the photo has been viewed more than 16 million times.

He explained:

“It’s nice to have Dad on the mend after his operation, but he’s a bit blown away by all the coverage. I had to explain to him what Twitter was and how it’s been seen by so many people.”