Snoop Dogg may be the last person we would expect to need pointers when it comes to smoking weed, but that didn’t stop Seth Rogen from showing the rappers how to roll the perfect joint.

Rogen knows fairly too much about smoking weed. Early this year, he launched his own cannabis recreation company called Houseplant, alongside his close friend Evan Goldberg, aiming to make it easy for people to learn how to smoke weed.

Rogen explained his mission in a statement:

“Houseplant is the result of years of experience and dedication. With each element and expression thoughtfully designed to make it easier for people to learn to love cannabis as much as Houseplant does.”

Rogen also voiced his expectations for Houseplant, calling it a “passion” he and Goldberg have “brought to life through drive and dedication.”

He added:

“Every decision we’ve made for the business reflects the years of education, first-hand experience and respect we have for cannabis.”

As it turns out, Rogen is not only a weed enthusiast but also a professional in weed smoking. In fact, if smoking cannabis were in Olympic, he would be the world’s champion.

Rogen recently appeared in Netflix’s new TV show, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, where he took David Chang on a culinary tour of his hometown Vancouver.

The two smoked weed before chatting and eating their way around the city. Vancouver is among the few cities in Canada where smoking weed for recreation is legal.

And as the conversation turned to Rogen’s love for cannabis, he started bragging about his joint-rolling tekkers, including Snoop Dogg.

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He told David:

“I don’t like to share compliments I’ve been given, but Snoop Dogg told me I was the best joint roller he’s ever met in his entire life.”

“Because I can roll cross joints – the cross joints in Pineapple Express, I actually rolled those. And they’re really hard to roll.”

“I actually had a book when we were kids that was, like, 100 Creative Ways To Smoke Joints, and the cross joint was in it.”

“I released a video once on how to do it. It’s kind of like an inelegant way to smoke weed, but at a party, it’s a showstopper. I only trust myself.”

“It doesn’t get much better than that.”

As the episode continues, Rogen and David could be seen enjoying the famous Lee’s jelly doughnuts. They later indulged in some barbecue before heading to the aquarium to meet an octopus called Ceph Rogen.