A 20-year-old student collapsed from anxiety attacks, and the dad films as the doctor mock and laughs at him.

Samuel Bardwell, a college student at West Valley College in Saratoga, California, suffers from deliberating anxiety and panic attacks.

He’s under Klonopin medication, and if by chance he misses a day’s dose, his condition escalates and worsens.

Bardwell Suffered a Severe Panic Attack

One day, Bardwell’s condition worsened after spending two days without his meds. He suffered a panic attack and collapsed during a summer basketball practice.

His father, Donald Bardwell, told The Mercury News:

“He was on medication for his anxiety but was off his meds for two days because he couldn’t get to the pharmacy before it closed.”

After collapsing, paramedics rushed Bardwell to El Camino Hospital in Los Gatos, California.

His coach, Scott Eitelgeorge, told the news outlet:

“He wasn’t looking too good. It looked like he was having a pretty severe anxiety attack. Sam played for maybe five minutes before he had to step out.”

“He collapsed on the grass outside the weight room. When we went outside, he tried to get up but fell back down.”

Donald, Bardwell’s father, followed the paramedics and met his son at the hospital. They expected to find a professional doctor who would attend to the son.

However, upon arriving at the hospital, things turned the opposite of their expectations.

The Patient and His Father Shockingly Met Humiliations and Harassment.

When the patient was taken to DR. Beth Keegstra, one of the physicians at the hospital, the doctors harassed and mistreated them. And all was caught on camera.

Bardwell’s father reported that they were first ignored and had to wait for hours before being attended to. At the time, the doctor was just talking and laughing with her co-worker.

This is how they treat people in Los Gatos emergency room. SMH Everyone share this video. For the record this is my son.

Posted by Donald Bardwell on Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The Doctor was Rude and Heartless to the Patient

Donald said that the physicians were physically abusive, rude, and dismissive of Bradwell’s condition.

The father said:

“They treated us like we were there just to get drugs.”

“We were there for four hours, and the doctor finally came in with a security guard. She didn’t even say hello or ask why he was there, just came in with guns blazing. That’s why I started the video.”

To make the matter worse, when the doctors finally decided to attend to Bradwell, they came with a security guard.

Donald explained his disappointment:

“I did nothing wrong. I did not raise my voice. I was not aggressive. I didn’t have the intent or the ability to even be aggressive.”

“I have no other words for it. I’m just so confused of why somebody would treat me like that, without being aggressive, without me being hostile.”

“You know, they were the ones being hostile from the beginning. They were the ones being confrontational from the beginning. I couldn’t. I was numb head to toe.”

In the footage, you can hear Dr. Keegstra sickening and careless comments towards the patient:

“I’m sorry sir, you are the least sick of all the people who are here who are dying.”

“He can’t inhale. Wow! You must be dead. Are you dead, sir? I don’t understand. You are breathing just fine.”

After filming the video, Donald shared it on social media where it went viral. The doctor was then suspended for mistreating patients.

In a statement, El Camino Hospital CEO, Dan Woods, said:

“We take this matter very seriously, and the contracted physician has been removed from the work schedule pending further investigation.”