The Facebook page claims the man has admitted to this disturbing behavior and has issued a warning to Tucson residents to keep an eye out for him outside the local Planned Parenthood.

A man by the name Jordan Hart, who lives in Tucson, Arizona, recently posted in the Planned Parenthood Body Parts Emporium Facebook Group to ‘re-educate’ women who visit the local planned parenthood office.

The vigilante pro-lifer allegedly took pictures of car license plates of anyone who visit the facility so he can track down their addresses and go to their homes to educate them about abortion.

According to the Facebook group, they contacted authorities to give a statement about the issue, but the police said there’s “nothing they can do about it.”

The group then shared the man’s photo along with a PSA to women.

They wrote:

“This man’s name is Jordan. He is taking photos of license plates and photos of people entering and exiting Planned Parenthood in Tucson, Arizona. According to him, he is going to use that information to go to people’s homes to “educate them” on abortion According to Tucson PD, this is a non-issue, and there is nothing THEY can do about it until it’s essentially too late.”

“So I’m giving a PSA to anyone in the Tucson area who goes to Planned Parenthood to keep an eye out for him. He has openly admitted his intention to criminally harass, stalk, and intimidate people. Keep yourselves safe and keep an eye out for this guy following you or photographing you and your vehicle.”

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The Facebook group also posted a screenshot of a comment allegedly left behind by Jordan himself, in which he admits to taking photographs of license plates with the intention of identifying people and visiting them at home to “help bring awareness and truth about abortion.”

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In response to Jordan’s post, many people are commenting and sharing their gratitude for Planned Parenthood.

The fact that someone can take such drastic measures to fight against women’s reproductive rights is so disturbing. However, responses from Facebook users to Jordan’s has somewhat restored our faith in humanity.

Many users have pointed out that services at Planned Parenthood go beyond abortions as the organization provides a great deal of help to struggling young families.

It also offers several other healthcare services, including cancer screenings, birth control, vaccines, and advice on sexual health issues.

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