Heartwarming photos of stay cat carrying her sick kitten in her mouth as she enters the emergency room have gone viral.

When you’re sick, it only makes sense to go to the hospital.

But what if you’re a feline? Typically, your human parents would take it upon themselves to bring you to a veterinarian.

Sadly, one stray cat didn’t have the luxury of a loving home.

This mama cat took matters into her own hands when her kitten got sick. She decided to carry the kitten to Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, for care.

Twitter user Merve Özcan shared photos of the stray mother cat bringing her sick kitten to the emergency room.

She wrote:

“Today, we were in the emergency room of the hospital when a cat rushed to bring her offspring in her mouth.”

Özcan could tell the cat knew exactly where she was going. She told The Dodo:

“I was very surprised when I saw her because she seemed to know [the hospital] better than me. It was obvious that she knew where to go.”

Luckily, Turkish people love and respect stray animals, so the hospital staff immediately came to help the fluffy family.

They checked the kitten for any health issues.

While the hospital staffs were caring for kitten, they gave mama cat milk and food. The doctors then directed the duo to a vet for further feline-focused care.

Özcan revealed she was worried about her father, a recovering COVID-19 patient who was in for a follow-up test. But the sight of the little animal and her kitten lightened up the tense moment.

The hospital staffs were also thrilled to see the cat. Some workers even took a brief break to play with mama cat and her baby.

Özcan said:

“The medical staff was also very happy to see the cat and kitten, went to them and loved and cared for them.”

“I think it was a cat that employees already know, and there were people who saw it there before.”

Özcan’s original tweet has gone viral, attracting more than 83,000 likes.

Özcan later joked that her own cat was getting ‘jealous’ about all the attention the adorable duo were getting.

As a cat owner, she said she was happy to see this touching moment.

She told the outlet:

“Cats are very common creatures in my country. However, I was [amazed] to see such a thing in the emergency for the first time.”

People on social media are now praising the paramedics and hospital staff at the Istanbul hospital for their kind actions.