The Portuguese artist has amassed a huge online following for his 3D anamorphic street art and graffiti. 

Short Biography of Odeith

Odeith was born in 1976, in Damia (Portugal). He held a spray can for the first time in the mid-1980s, but it was in the 1990s when graffiti began its dissemination throughout Portugal and began to leave its Portuguese birthplace, Carcavelos, that the artist had his first contact with graffiti and its movement. His first experiences were sketched on street walls and train tracks and so the passion he had always shown for drawing had a newfound purpose and began evolving. Not long after, came the opportunity to paint large scale murals in Damia, Carcavelos and in many social housing neighbourhoods, such as Cova da Moura, 6 de Maio and Santa Filomena.

Odeith is gaining a cult following for his incredible transformations of area and space that would normally pose as an eyesore. Following are just some of his incredible pieces.

This block transformation into a bus is insane.

World of Giant Insects comes to life By Odeith

Most of us aren’t particularly crazy about insects; many of us try to eliminate them from our gardens and have yet to warm up to actually eating them, though, with the growing trend of apparently quite yummy edible insect products, that does seem to be changing.
But whether one likes them or not, insects are incredible creatures. Portuguese street artist Odeith gives them a nod in his own playful way, through his larger-than-life urban murals of realistically painted insects.

“I was always fascinated with these little creatures because of the colours, shapes and I think it’s funny to paint them on a bigger size.”

Searching for a way to make the difference around the street art world. Odeith started creating this uniquely brilliant pieces. Painting on more than one surface he creates a feeling of floating objects, insects and most of all, 3D letters

Exploring abandoned factories are his favourite places to create and bring something fresh to the game. Since he became internationally recognized with these original pieces, Odeith travels around the world sharing his art and his thoughts. Eventually inspiring young kids to paint and follow their dreams.

For more of Odeith’s work. You can find him on his website. Odeith or on Facebook.