Russian photographer captures stunning and rare natural phenomena in Siberia Mountains, and the rainbow clouds are breathtaking.

If you’re a nature lover or enthusiast, you’ll definitely love the rare view of this mountain in Siberia.

Svetlana Kazina, who lives in the Altai Mountains, snapped these breathtaking photos of the glowing sky over Siberia’s peak.

The Images Show Thin Clouds That Resemble Bundles of Soap Bubbles in Colors

According to Svetlana, she witnessed and captured the rare phenomenon early in the morning.

Svetlana told Siberian Times:

“I pictured this beauty over Siberia’s highest peak, Belukha, early in the morning.”

“Rainbow clouds are a rare optical phenomenon when thin clouds close to the Sun change to spectral colors.”

“The clouds in my photos are so thin that they look more like lace. The wind at this height was so strong that the cloud’ lace’ changed every second.”

The Phenomena is Known as Iridescent Clouds or Nacreous Clouds

This sighting is a rare phenomenon that brings up unusual colors vividly or even a whole spectrum of colors simultaneously.

These polar stratospheric clouds, (mother-of-pearl clouds) occurs when the Sun scatters over small water droplets of nearly uniform size.

According to NASA:

“When the Sun is in the right position andhidden from direct view, these thin clouds can be seen significantly diffracting sunlight in a nearly coherent manner with different colors being deflected by different amounts.”

“Therefore, different colors will come to the observer from slightly different directions. Many clouds start with uniform regions that could show iridescence. But [they] quickly become too thick, too mixed, or too angularly far from the Sun to exhibit striking colors.”

The Altai Mountains in southern Siberia include some of Russia’s most stunning sceneries.

The mountain range is also majestic and attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.

And the sights that you can see in Siberia’s Switzerland (its popular name) are unlike anywhere else in the world.

These subtle clouds look like delicate jellyfish floating through the sky of diamonds. I can only imagine how it felt to see these breathtaking works of nature in my own eyes.

The Clouds are Amazing

Apparently, this isn’t the first time people have spotted these luminous rainbow clouds.

Recently, an Astrophotographer Goran Strand also captured similar breathtaking images over Sweden.

This phenomenon mostly occurs in higher altitudes such as Scandinavia, Iceland, Alaska and Northern Canada. However, they can appear elsewhere in the world.