Just because you’re not sure whether ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is a Christmas or Halloween movie doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the film all year round.

The spooky season is quickly approaching, and it turns out nearly everyone is ready to start stocking up on the Halloween-themed decor.

Inspired by the classic Tim Burton film, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas,’ the retail giant, Target, has launched the most fashionable collection of “Nightmare-inspired” kitchenware we’ve ever seen.

We’re talking about everything you could ever need for your kitchen. From dish towels, mugs to salt pepper shakers, all with our beloved Nightmare Before Christmas characters and decorations.

Shoppers can also get their hands on moribund ceramic bowls, embellished with a somber “Always meant to be” epitaph. If you’ve always wished your food to be inflected by the gothic, this’s the ideal inspiration to get shopping.

For now, most of the “nightmare-inspired” kitchenware items have already sold out online, but keep checking Target website as the retailer plans to restock them soon.

Some of the items you can buy include a Jack Skellington apron for $23.99, and it’ll put your head on your favorite character’s spindly body.

There’s also a set of 2.5-inch tall Jack and Sally ceramic salt and pepper shakers retailing at $19.99. These items feature your favorite Sally, duo, and Jack, and they’re definitely a fun way to spice up your food on any dinner table.

You can also order a Sally Skellington Halloween mug for $10 or an 11-ounce Jack skeleton head mug for $9.99.

To be honest, I always find the idea of drinking from a face-based mug a little weird.  Are we supposed to drink the character’s brains, or do we weirdly kiss their foreheads as we take a sip? Even so, this is a pretty addition to any mug collection.

A set of four bowls, featuring an image of Jack and Sally inside is selling at $39.99. Apart from the Target store, you can still find these bowls on Amazon at the same price.

Target is also selling ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ dish towels, made from cotton. Though the item was out of stock, it was priced $15.99, But you can check to see if it has been restocked.

There’re other “Nightmare-inspired” kitchen and decor accessories on Target, but these were the best of the bunch.

So, if you’re a fan of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ film or you’re excited about Halloween, you can pick up a few of these items and make this year’s season memorable!