Texas Southern University has offered a full-ride scholarship to George Floyd’s six-year-old daughter, Gianna.

Taking to Facebook, the school said the scholarship is a way to ‘honors the memory of George Floyd.’

They wrote:

The Board of Regents of Texas Southern University (TSU) honors the memory of George Floyd…”

“Mr. Floyd was a lifelong citizen of the Third Ward and a revered graduate of Jack Yates High School.”

“The Board, in conjunction with the TSU Foundation Board, has approved a fund to provide a full scholarship for Floyd’s beloved daughter, Gianna.”

The announcement came from the Board of Regents and the TSU Foundation, an independent nonprofit supporting fundraising and development efforts.

The historically black college and university will ensure a spot for Gianna should she wish to attend TSU.

Albert H. Myres, chair of the Board of Regents, said in a statement:

“This Board is committed to education and understands that a college degree is one of many powerful steps toward a productive and successful life.”

“We know that this gesture cannot take the place of her dad’s loving presence, but we hope that it will contribute to easing her journey through life.”

Gianna’s TSU Scholarship is Privately-Funded

TSU Foundation Chairman Gerald Smith said the foundation ‘is proud to provide this privately-funded scholarship.’

He added:

“We know the value of an education in the pursuit of solutions and generational progress. We look forward to embracing her into the TSU family.”

In a nod to strengthen Floyd’s legacy, TSU said it’s offering ‘an educational pathway for his daughter.’

In Addition to the TSU Scholarship, Gianna Also Have a 529 College Savings Plan Account

Kanye West had set up the fund when he previously offered to pay Gianna’s college fees.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Gianna revealed she still misses playing with her dad.

When asked what she wanted people to know, the six-year-old said:

“That I miss him.”

She also told GMA that she aspires to be ‘a doctor’ when she gets older.

Gianna added:

“So I can help people.”

In a viral video, Gianna said while sitting on her uncle’s shoulders:

“Daddy changed the world.”

Floyd was born in North Carolina. He grew up in Houston, where he graduated from Jack Yates High School in the shadow of TSU.

Floyd later moved to Minneapolis, where he died on May 25 when an ex-officer knelt on his neck. After his funeral in Houston, where TSU is located, he was buried in Pearland, Texas.