A woman from Texas just got the ultimate revenge on her ex, who told her she was ‘too fat’ to date by losing 70lbs.

Miriam Blanco, 33, from Houston, turned her life around after an ex-boyfriend dumped her for being ‘too fat.’

Speaking to Daily Mail, Miriam said:

“I had an ex that would always tell me no one wants to end up with someone fat. And that I was lucky he was even sticking around.”

“I remember that stuck with me for a long time — sometimes it still gets to me.”

She added:

“I hated how I looked [and] I had very low self-esteem. I used to tell my husband if he left me for another woman, I wouldn’t be angry because I knew he could do better than me.”

Over time, their relationship eventually failed, and Miriam threw herself into raising her two eldest kids.

Miriam then met her current husband, Jordan, 38, who reassured her that he loved her regardless of her weight.

Despite this, Miriam struggled to feel good enough and would often tell him she’d understand if he left her for someone else.

She then used her insecurity and channeled it into motivation to lose weight.

Miriam soon fell in love with working out and healthy eating. And to her surprise, she realized her weight was melting away. She dropped her weight from 218lbs to 150lbs.

The busy mom is now in the best shape of her life and says there’s no excuse for not achieving weight loss goals.

She still works out every day even after working 12-hour shifts. She also ensures she hits her ‘protein, carbs and fats’ each day.

Miriam said:

“There is no magic pill, there’s no magic anything that will make you lose weight. It’s called ‘working out’ for a reason.”

“Hard work and dedication get you to where you want.”

“Stop listening to others and get your sh*t together, and work you’re a** off… You are doing it for you, not for others.”

Miriam concluded that her weight loss journey has also inspired other people’s lives.

She said:

“I actually get a lot of positive messages from men.”

“They actually tell me that they show their wives my picture to show them, ‘Hey, she can do it, you can too.'”

“Which I like a lot because they tell me all the time it’s about time we see a real woman out here, not afraid of showing stretch marks.”

“It’s how a real woman looks. So, it makes me feel good to read their messages.”