Meet the most scarily cute cats showing off their Murder Mittens.

Cats are so adorably and fluffy that we sometimes forget they come from the big cat family that includes lions.

Because of this, they, too, have some physical features and aspects of the behaviors of these big cats. And their claws are some of their most precious assets.

And a subreddit called ‘Murder Mittens’ with over 160K members offers a place where feline owners can share photos of their furry friends with some terrifyingly sweet claws.

From well-groomed cats reaching for a knife in your kitchen to small felines showing off their panther-like claws, get ready for some shockingly adorable snaps you could just die for.

#1 “My Favourite Baby Photo of Him”

#2 Oh Yes. The Deadly Grip of the Void Itself

#3 Tiny and Adorable Murder Mittens

#5 Sharpening For Future Murders

#6 Lil’ Murderer. I Can’t Handle This Much Cuteness!!!

Do you have photos of your feline in their “i-am-so-mad-at-you-i-might-kill-you” mood? Join Murder Mittens subreddit and share them with your fellow cat owners.

#7 So Tiny Yet already Ordering Everyone Around

#8 When the Murder Mittens Aren’t Enough

#9 Murder Mitten and a Tooth for Good Measure

#10 Boop! And the Killer Mode is Activated!

#11 Teeniest Murder Mittens Ready to Pounce. Practice Make Perfect

#12 Very Unique Indeed

#13 Wolverine

#14 Baby Bella’s Lunch Time. One Month Old and Rescued from the Trash

#15 Mama Lynx with 7 Cubs. Hmm… 8×4=32 Murder Mittens!

#16 Murderwebs

#17 “Bebe Precioso!!!”

#18 “Mama’s Coming!”

#19 Someone’s Ready for Dinner

#20 Stretching The Mittens

#21 Lil’ fluffy Murder Mitts

#22 She Looks Familiar…

#23 Fear Me Hoomans

#24 Meet Yoshi, the Panther

#25 “As I Was Leaving Work My Coworkers Told Me I Had A Cat In My Trucks Engine Bay. Meet Fjord, The Mighty Huntress.”

#26 Paws

#27 “My Cat Had Kittens. Here Are All of Them and Their Mittens”

#28 Gus Just Moved in, He’s Making Sure We Know He’s The Boss Now

#29 We Have a Cookie Thief in Our Midst

#30 “Just When I Thought it Was Safe to Go to the Bathroom, Bandit Strikes Again!”

#31 Action!!

#32 “I Can’t Ever Go to the Bathroom in Peace!”

#33 “How I Am Greeted When I Get Home Every Day”

#34 Never Mind the Claws – Look at Those Ears!

#35 Ready to Strike

#36 Scalp Massage

#37 What Are Thooooose!!!?

#38 “Murder Mittens Used to Beg for His Food. He Wants Us to Know He Could Rip Us Apart if We Neglect To Feed Him

#38 “I’m Slightly Terrified”

#40 Out in Full Force