Meet Mesia, a fascinating silver-eared bird with a beautiful mix of autumnal colors.

All birds are stunning, but the silver-eared Mesia is arguably one of the most breathtaking creatures.

Let’s first list a few of the gorgeous birds you’ve probably seen.

Secretary Bird

What an expressive face!

It got this name because of its quill-like crests on the back of its head that resembles 18th-century clerks with pens tucked into their wigs.

Goura Victoria or Victoria Crowned Pigeon

The Victoria crowned pigeon is a large, bluish-grey pigeon with elegant blue lace-like crests, maroon breast and red irises.

Mountain Bluebird

The bluest of the North American bluebirds, the mountain bluebird, has bright blue plumage and a winning personality.

Sword-Billed Hummingbird

It derives its name from its extraordinary long beak that sets it apart from any other birds.

The beak is longer even than the rest of its body (excluding its tail) and somewhat resembles a sword.

Nicobar Pigeon

Now that’s a statement hair-do!

Unfortunately, IUCN has marked this colorful pigeon species as “Near Threatened” due to deforestation and the destruction of their habitat.


This bird definitely wins the prize for the best name.


The quetzal is an aptly named bird that many consider among the world’s most beautiful.

During mating season, male quetzals grow twin tail feathers, forming a beautiful train up to three feet (one meter) long.

Females don’t have long trains. But they do share the brilliant blue, green, and red coloring of their mates.

The colors of the males tend to be more vibrant.

Golden Pheasant

Golden Pheasants are commonly found in zoos and private collections.

And now, there’s this one bird that’s taking the internet by storm…

The Silver-Eared Mesia

Admittedly, since yellow is my favorite color, this little bird had me at hello.

Silver-eared Mesias are found throughout southern Asia, particularly in Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Laos.

They also live in the moist, tropical forests of southern China, and often migrate to India in the winter.

While Many Birds Have Dull Females and Brightly Colored Males, Silver-Eared Mesias Share the Spotlight

The apparent difference between male and female Mesias is that females have yellow throats, while males are red-orange.

Their exact color patterns can also shift. Their backs can vary between grey or olive, and the ratio of gray to red in the wings.

But They Both Have Distinctive Black Heads with Shiny Silver Ear Patches

And due to the pattern variations, researchers consider there to be at least seven subspecies of the silver-eared mesia.

Amazingly, these colorful little birds are currently in no danger of extinction.

Their diet consists mainly of insects and fruit, which are plentiful in their natural habitat.